List of First Nations crew members

Page from William Logan's notebook including a list of his First Nations crew

Lachine 26 June 1845

I have hired four Indians for my Ottawa exploration. Their names are
Mathias Sanōracé
Mitchael Teauāh qua
Enias Atawāk-hun
Thomas Carahō-to

The rate of wages is £ 4 per month and a pair of mocasins.

I have purchased a canoe from Mr. Finlayson of the Hudson's Bay Co. for 12 $. It is 3 ½ fathoms long & Mr. McNaughton says it is a good one.

At 7 am I started at last from Montreal for the Ottawa in company with Mr. McNaughton, who is a surveyor attached to the Crown land department. He is to be my compagnon de voyage for 4 months.

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