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Student Handout - Activity 4

A Trip Through Your Settlement Group's Past

Name: ___________________ Date: ______________

Graphical element:  Jacques LeCastor  

There are many ways to show the history of a settlement group. In this activity you are going to show the history of your settlement group's history. Follow these steps:

  • Make a list of all the events that are important in your settlement group's history.

  • Organize your presentation on a large piece of paper and mark where each of the events in your list should go.

  • Write a sentence or two about each of your events. Cut them out and arrange them in logical order. Use arrows or some other symbol to link them together in chronological order.

  • Add pictures and/or symbols that will make your presentation more interesting and give people a better idea of what life was like for this settlement group.

The example below shows one way of organizing your presentation. As you can see, it does not have any pictures or symbols to make it interesting. I know you can do a much better job. I look forward to seeing your presentations and learning more about your settlement group.

Jacques LeCastor

Settlement Group: ___________________________________

Coureurs des bois explore westward and meet Aboriginal women. The Métis nation is born.
French and Scottish fur traders head west and marry Aboriginal women.
The Métis and fur traders from the North West Company clash with settlers from the Red River colony at Seven Oaks in 1816.
The Métis declare a provisional government under Louis Riel in 1869. They fight for their rights.
Manitoba becomes a province in 1870, but Métis rights are largely ignored. Many Métis move to Saskatchewan.
Louis Riel leads the Northwest Rebellion for Métis rights in 1885. The Métis surrender and Riel is hanged.
Today, Métis people live in all parts of Canada and are recognized in the Canadian constitution as a distinct Aboriginal group.

Rubric - Activity 4

A Trip Through Your Settlement Group's Past

Name(s): ___________________ Date: ______________

Settlement Group: ____________________________


Excellent   Good   Fair   Needs Improvement
4   3   2   1

In the box at the end of each line write the number that best describes your work on this activity.

The events chosen for the presentation gave the reader a good understanding of the origin or history of the settlement group.  
Appropriate pictures and/or symbols added to the viewer's understanding of the origin or history of the settlement group.  
Good use of design, space and colour was used in the making of the map.  
If a group activity: All members of the group worked cooperatively and contributed to the making of the map.  

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