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Title Composer sheet music RealAudio file MP3 file
The cake winner Adams, G.W. [PDF 333 KB] [RAM 1,860 KB] [MP3 607 KB]
Clodia Beaudry, Wilfrid [PDF 250 KB] [RAM 3,959 KB] [MP3 1,371 KB]
The civil service gallop Browne, R.H. [PDF 408 KB] [RAM 3,260 KB] [MP3 1,089 KB]
Jack Canuck: a patriotic song Bullen, Ravenor [PDF 315 KB] [RAM 4,259 KB] [MP3 1,370 KB]
Almost persuaded: sacred song in F [for contralto or baritone] Church, S.T. [PDF 506 KB] [RAM 6,109 KB] [MP3 1,978 KB]
Les Belles de Toronto: a favorite polka Crozier, T.C. [PDF 182 KB] [RAM 1,860 KB] [MP3 630 KB]
Grand Trunk waltzes D'Albert, Chas. [PDF 613 KB] [RAM 2,099 KB]
[RAM 2,322 KB]
[MP3 707 KB]
[MP3 735 KB]
Le chant des voyageurs Dessane, A. [PDF 223 KB] [RAM 2,849 KB] [MP3 969 KB]
Écho malin Dessane, Antoine   [RAM 2,150 KB] [MP3 778 KB]
La Mère canadienne Dessane, Antoine   [RAM 2,450 KB] [MP3 871 KB]
Quadrille canadien Dessane, Antoine   [RAM 2 KB] [MP3 806 KB]
Cave of the winds Dett, R. Nathaniel [PDF 178 KB] [RAM 2,878 KB] [MP3 918 KB]
Canadian forever Drummond, W.H. (words) and G.B. Sippi (music) [PDF 255 KB] [RAM 3,183 KB] [MP3 1,035 KB]
The Montreal Bazaar waltz Duff, Alexander [PDF 105 KB] [RAM 1,467 KB] [MP3 489 KB]
The club cabin Duguay, S. Em. [PDF 152 KB] [RAM 1,111 KB] [MP3 354 KB]
It's sunny Alberta for mine Evans, Mayo [PDF 225 KB] [RAM 3,321 KB] [MP3 1,115 KB]
Le carnaval de Québec Gagnon, Ernest [PDF 426 KB] [RAM 1,933 KB] [MP3 655 KB]
Danse Sauvage Gagnon, Ernest   [RAM 2,300 KB] [MP3 778 KB]
The man behind the plow: a new style patriotic song Gordon, Ralph [PDF 472 KB] [RAM 3,021 KB] [MP3 1,007 KB]
The song of the Allies Heins, Donald [PDF 317 KB] [RAM 3,021 KB] [MP3 956 KB]
Miss Prim: one step Hughes, A.W. [PDF 326 KB] [RAM 2,322 KB] [MP3 794 KB]
Stolen kisses galop Kennedy, James [PDF 276 KB] [RAM 6,437 KB] [MP3 2,234 KB]
Siege of Quebec Krifft, W.B. de [PDF 1,892 KB] [RAM 2,106 KB] [MP3 606 KB]
Silly ass (1907) Lafrenière, J.B. [PDF 93 KB] [RAM 1,939 KB] [MP3 636 KB]
Montez toujours!: piano et chant Larrieu, Albert (musique) et R.P. Hermas Lalande (paroles) [PDF 221 KB] [RAM 3,427 KB] [MP3 1,127 KB]
La Huronne Lavigueur, Criestin   [RAM 2 KB] [MP3 824 KB]
Manitoba Nnelledi waltzes Lawrie, Edith M. and Nellie E. Lake [PDF 409 KB] [RAM 2,489 KB] [MP3 846 KB]
Oh take your girl to the picture show McFarlane, J.W. [PDF 177 KB] [RAM 3,104 KB] [MP3 1,041 KB]
La chanson de Nettaick: mélodie Bretonne Milo, Georges [PDF 148 KB] [RAM 2,322 KB] [MP3 749 KB]
La catastrophe de la gare Windsor Miro, Henri (musique) et Raoul Collet (paroles) [PDF 202 KB] [RAM 2,106 KB] [MP3 692 KB]
A Canadian boat song Moore, Thomas [PDF 387 KB] [RAM 2,545 KB] [MP3 863 KB]
You bet your life we all will go: grand marching and battalion song Morrow, Rev. J.D. [PDF 280 KB] [RAM 2,489 KB] [MP3 830 KB]
Sweet, sweet Canada, or, the song of the white-throated sparrow Murphy, Louise I. [PDF 108 KB] [RAM 3,566 KB] [MP3 1,168 KB]
The rah-rah comber's band Perrins, Wm. H. [PDF 295 KB] [RAM 3,487 KB] [MP3 1,113 KB]
Le bouquet de perles Prince, Henry [PDF ?? KB] [RAM 1,467 KB]
[RAM 1,328 KB]
[MP3 456 KB]
[MP3 433 KB]
Shoulder to shoulder on to the border Prince, Henry [PDF 214 KB] [RAM 3,104 KB] [MP3 1,004 KB]
The Royal Canadian quadrilles Range, William [PDF 756 KB] [RAM 1,411 KB] [MP3 481 KB]
The Montmorency galop Rankin, Mrs. W.H. [PDF 288 KB] [RAM 5,553 KB] [MP3 1,655 KB]
Mary dear: a war song of the Canadians Richardson, T.B. [PDF 277 KB] [RAM 4,116 KB] [MP3 1,345 KB]
McGill University waltz Robinson, Frances C. [PDF 239 KB] [RAM 2,405 KB] [MP3 822 KB]
L'Alouette Sabatier, Charles W.   [RAM 2,500 KB] [MP3 904 KB]
La Crosse, our national game Sefton, H.F. (arrangement) and James Hughes (words) [PDF 192 KB] [RAM 1,633 KB] [MP3 530 KB]
Vancouver town Stone, Harry L. [PDF 131 KB] [RAM 3,011 KB] [MP3 960 KB]
The Berlin polka Tapley, Byron C. [PDF 138 KB] [RAM 2,932 KB] [MP3 967 KB]
Nova Scotia Wells, Geo. L.   [RAM 1,633 KB] [MP3 541 KB]
A handful of maple leaves: a beautiful pathetic song & chorus Westbrook, William [PDF 289 KB] [RAM 4,172 KB] [MP3 1,485 KB]
Lament of the winds Whyte, E. [PDF 263 KB] [RAM 7,815 KB] [MP3 2,654 KB]
The Canadian soldier: dedicated to our boys Willing, James [PDF 604 KB] [RAM 3,404 KB] [MP3 1,111 KB]