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Student Handout 2: Songwriting Guide

1.  What is the topic or theme of the song you will compose?

2.  What is your group's opinion about this issue?

3.  Why do you feel this way? List facts and evidence to support your point of view.

4.  Begin to draft your song. Make sure that it clearly expresses you views and is backed up by facts and evidence. Some tips:

  1. Writing song lyrics is similar to writing a poem.
  2. Song lyrics can rhyme, but it is not necessary.
  3. You may decide to use the tune and rhythm of a familiar song (e.g. "Three Blind Mice") and simply rewrite the lyrics.
  4. A chorus reinforcing your opinion may be used repeatedly throughout the song.

5.  When the song is finished, you must design a cover for your sheet music. For guidance you can look at the following sources:

Sheet Music from Canada's Past

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