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ARCHIVED - Sir John A. Macdonald
Canada's Patriot Statesman

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Gallery of Books and Published Materials (continued)

Selection of Books and Published Material on Sir John A. Macdonald
Author Title Publishing Information Source: Amicus # PDF Link
Bellerose, Joseph H. (Joseph-Hyacinthe), 1820 - 1899 L'Orangisme et le catholicisme: Sir George E. Cartier, le grand chef du Bas-Canada, contre Sir John A. Macdonald l'ennemi des catholiques et des Canadiens-français : discours prononcé par l'hon. M. Bellerose au Sénat, le 2 mars 1886 [Translation] Montréal: Imprimerie de l'Étendard, 1886 2763888 [PDF 97 KB]
Bethune, D. A Letter on the Defence of Canada, to the Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B. Port Hope, Ont.: J.B. Trayes, 1867 5272595 [PDF 449 KB]
Blake, Edward, 1833 - 1912 and Laurier, Wilfrid, Sir, 1841 - 1919 and Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Discours de M. Blake, Sir J.A. Macdonald et M. Laurier sur les troubles du Nord-Ouet [sic], Ottawa, 6 juillet 1885 Ottawa: Imprimerie MacLean, Roger et Cie, 1885 5307128 [PDF 6,637 KB]
Brown, George, 1818 - 1880 Speech of the Hon. George Brown in the Canadian Senate, March 21, 1878, on the Public Finances of the Dominion: The Financial Transactions of the Mackenzie and Macdonald Governments Contrasted: Senator Macpherson's Pamphlets Toronto: Office of the Globe newspaper, 1878 5295463 [PDF 2,118 KB]
Colby, Charles Carroll, 1827 - 1907 Tariff Re-adjustment: Canada's National Policy: Mr. C.C. Colby's Speech on Tariff Revision, House of Commons, March, 1878: To Which Is Added an Open Letter from Mr. Colby and the Amendment Moved by Sir John Macdonald on a Re-adjustment of the Dominion Tariff With the Division Thereon Ottawa: Ottawa Citizen, 1878 5301372 [PDF 4,152 KB]
Dallas, Angus, 1802? - 1886 Statistics of the Common Schools: . . . in a series of seven letters, to the Right Honorable John A. Macdonald Toronto?: s.n., 1857 10037342 [PDF 5,952 KB]
Desjardins, L.G. (Louis Georges), 1849 - 1928 M. Laurier devant l'histoire. Les erreurs de son discours et les véritables principes du Parti conservateur Québec: s.n., 1877 (Québec: Imprimerie du "Canadien") 2708601 [PDF 384 KB]
Doughty, Arthur G. (Arthur George), Sir, 1860 - 1936 Inauguration of Montréal's Monument to the late Right Hon. Sir John Macdonald, G.C.B., by His Excellency the Earl of Aberdeen, Governor-General of Canada, June 6th, 1895 Montréal: s.n., 1895 5342603 [PDF 128 KB]
Ewart, John S. (John Skirving), 1849 - 1933 Sir John A. Macdonald and the Canadian Flag Canada: s.n., 189-? 5871496 [PDF 128 KB]
Government Printing Bureau Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Monument to Sir John A. Macdonald, G.C.B., at Ottawa, July 1st, 1895 Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1895 4655467 [PDF 3,917 KB]
Lewis, W.H. Earnscliffe Sale: Complete list of furniture, china, and glassware, pictures, ornaments, etc. The property of the late Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald to be sold at Earnscliffe, Ottawa, commencing Tuesday 15th May next at 10 a.m., W.H. Lewis, Auctioneer Ottawa: s.n., 1894 5345791 [PDF 1,213 KB]
Lewis, W.H. Catalogue of Books in Library of late Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald: To be sold by Public Auction at Earnscliffe, Ottawa, on 28 May next at 4.30 and 8 P.M.: For further particulars apply to W.H. Lewis, Auctioneer, Ottawa Ottawa: s.n., 1900 5373926 [PDF 5,176 KB]
Liberal Party of Canada L'Autonomie des provinces en péril. Sir John A. Macdonald partisan de l'union legislative. Les empiètements du pouvoir fédéral ! Nécessité de mettre fin à Ottawa aux abus de la centralisation Québec?: s.n., 1892? 2676995 [PDF 1,267 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Address of the Hon. John A. Macdonald to the Electors of the City of Kingston: With Extracts from Mr. Macdonald's Speeches Delivered on Different Occasions in the Years 1860 and 1861 Kingston? Ont.: s.n., 1861? 2647287 [PDF 192 KB]

[PDF 2,481 KB]

[PDF 5,731 KB]

[PDF 4,460 KB]

[PDF 2,489 KB]

[PDF 7,817 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Discours de l'Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, C.C.B., en présentant le projet de loi pour mettre à effet le Traité de Washington, en ce qui concerne le Canada, prononcé dans la Chambre des communes du Canada, vendredi, le 3 mai 1872 Montréal: s.n., 1872 (Montréal: T. & R. White) 2714571 [PDF 10,237 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Discours de Sir John Macdonald à l'Association Libérale-Conservatrice des Artisans d'Ottawa et du Cercle Lafontaine, prononcé à Ottawa le 8 octobre 1886 Ottawa: s.n., 1886? 2737478 [PDF 2,385 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Speech of Sir John Alexander Macdonald to the Workingmen's Liberal Conservative Association of Ottawa and Le Cercle Lafontaine, Delivered in Ottawa on the 8th of October, 1886 Ottawa?: s.n., 1886? 4059250 [PDF 1,793 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Manifeste de Sir John A. Macdonald aux électeurs du Canada Ottawa: s.n., 1891 5345794 [PDF 753 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 La Croisade anti-française et anti-catholique dirigée par Sir John A. Macdonald Montréal: Imprimerie de l'Étendard, 1887? 5302224 [PDF 1,718 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Ministerial negotiations for the reconstruction of the Government consequent on the death of Sir E.P. Taché Québec: s.n., 1864 (Québec: Printed by G.E. Desbarats) 6086652 [PDF 421 KB]
Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815 - 1891 Home Industries, Canada's National Policy, Protection to Native Products, Development of Field and Factory: Speeches by Leading Members of Parliament: Free Trade Theories vs. National Prosperity Ottawa?: s.n., 1876 21202895 [PDF 7,888 KB]
Macdonald Memorial Committee The Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Statue of the Late
Sir John Alexander Macdonald, P.C., G.C.B., M.P., D.C.L. (Oxon), LL.D, Q.C., in Hamilton, on the First Day of November, 1893
Hamilton, Ont.: Memorial Committee, 1893 4655546 [PDF 2,608 KB]
Nicholls, Frederic, 1856 - 1921, and Wright, Arthur Walker, 1855 - 1944 Report of the Demonstration in Honour of the Fortieth Anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's Entrance into Public Life: Proceedings at Toronto and Montréal, Complete List of Delegates Appointed to Attend Toronto Convention Toronto: Canadian Manufacturer Publishing Co., 1885 2935591 [PDF 192 KB]

[PDF 192 KB]

[PDF 192 KB]

[PDF 201 KB]
Pope, Joseph, 1854 - 1926 The Day of Sir John Macdonald: A Chronicle of the First Prime Minister of the Dominion Toronto: Glasgow, Brook & Company, 1915 2402112 [PDF 360 KB]
Pope, Joseph, 1854 - 1926 Sir John A. Macdonald Vindicated: A Review of The Right Honourable Sir Richard Cartwright's Reminiscences Toronto: The Publishers' Association of Canada, 1912 4391863 [PDF 1,819 KB]
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Liberal Conservative Hand-Book: Grits in Office. Profession and Practice Contrasted. Sir John Macdonald's Speech at Montréal [and] Hon. C.B. Tupper's speech at Halifax Ottawa: Published under the auspices of the Conservative Associations of the Dominion, 1876 2230484 [PDF 50,857 KB]
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Sir John A. Macdonald et les Canadiens-français. Étude historique de 1854 jusqu'à nos jours. Extrait de "la campagne" Montréal: Imprimerie générale, 1887 5943831 [PDF 1,802 KB]
Quebec and James Bay Railway Company To the Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, G.C.B., Premier, &c., &c., Ottawa Québec: s.n., 1888 5359624 [PDF 369 KB]
Toronto News Co. The Political Adventures of the Right Honorable Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B Toronto: Toronto News, 1879? 5358917 [PDF 5,105 KB]
Unknown Souvenir, Sir John Macdonald, G.C.B., Born January 11, 1815, Died June 6, 1891: Monument Erected by the Citizens of Montréal, Unveiled by His Excellency the Earl of Aberdeen, Governor-General of Canada, June 6, 1895 Montréal: The Montreal Daily Star, 1895 5368701 [PDF 335 KB]