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Publications by Departments and Agencies
Links to the publications sections of Government of Canada department and agency Web sites.

Electronic Collection (Library and Archives Canada)
Includes parliamentary and government documents in electronic form.

NOTE:  Access to these electronic documents is also available by searching the National Library collection in the AMICUS database and then clicking on the hot-linked URLs within the cataloguing records. The electronic version of documents can be specified when searching AMICUS Web by using the Advanced Search and selecting WEB DOCUMENT as FORMAT.

Government of Canada Publications and Reports
Provides browseable and searchable access to a wide range of free and priced federal government publications.

The Weekly Checklist (Depository Services Program)

Searchable and browseable database of book and serial titles which have been released during the week by the Parliament of Canada, federal departments, and Statistics Canada.

Parliamentary Papers

Bills (Parliamentary Internet)
Access to the Bills of the House of Commons and Senate. The Legislative Summaries provide helpful explanatory material for most Government Bills. The (Status of House Business is helpful in determining the status of legislation introduced in the House of Commons. About Bills explains the different types of bills. Access to the Bills and the supporting information from earlier sessions of Parliament is also provided.

Chamber Business (Parliamentary Internet)
Access to the electronic versions of many of the official Papers of the House of Commons and Senate such as the Debates of the House of Commons (commonly known as Hansard), Hansard Index, the Journals of the House of Commons, the House of Commons Order Paper and Notice Paper, and Status of House Business.  About Chamber Business explains these Parliamentary Papers.

The Debates of the House of Commons (1994 - 1997) are also archived in the Library and Archives Canada's Electronic Collection.

Committee Business (Parliamentary Internet)
Access to Committee Reports and Studies, Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence for both the Senate and the House of Commons. To access the full range of information available relating to a specific Committee, you must select Committee List from the box on the left and then choose a specific Committee from the Committee List. The box on the left will then list all the information available for a specific Committee e.g. Minutes of Proceedings, Evidence and Index, List of Reports, List of Studies.

The Library and Archives Canada's Electronic Collection also archives the publications of Parliamentary Committees.

Index to Federal Royal Commissions  (Library and Archives Canada)
Author and keyword access to materials pertaining to more than 200 Canadian federal royal commissions since Confederation. There are approximately 6800 items in the index which includes commission reports, briefs, submissions, evidence, working papers and other documents. Most materials cited in this index are held in the Canadian Official Publications collection of the Library and Archives Canada.

Virtual Parliamentary Library  (Parliamentary Internet)
Offers full-text reference material such as "How Canadians Govern Themselves"  by Senator Eugene Forsey and Parliamentary Research Branch Publications (

Acts and Regulations

Canada Gazette (Canada site)
NOTE: From April 1, 2003, the online PDF Canada Gazette has shared official status with the print version. Before that date, only the print version is the official one. Consists of three parts:

NOTE:   The electronic Canada Gazette is not the official version. For all purposes of interpreting and applying the law, users should consult the appropriate official print versions of the Canada Gazette, Parts I, II and III.

Consolidated Statutes and Regulations  (Department of Justice).
Access to a searchable electronic version of the Consolidated Statutes and Regulations updated every three months. Includes recent volumes of the Annual Statutes. The Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers , the Table of Private Acts , and the Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments are also available here.

NOTE:  The legal materials on this site have been prepared for convenience of reference only and have no official sanction. For all purposes of interpreting and applying the law, users should consult the Acts as passed by Parliament, which are published in Part III of the Canada Gazette and the annual Statutes of Canada, and the regulations published in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982  (Department of Justice).
Electronic version of Canada's constitutional texts.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  (Department of Justice).
In 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms became a fundamental part of the Canadian Constitution. The Charter sets out the basic rights and liberties of each person in Canada, which must be respected by all governments.

Orders-in-Council  (Privy Council Office)
The term Orders-in-Council refers to all reports submitted to the Committee of the Privy Council which receive the Governor General's approval.

  • Database
    Database search options include: keywords, act, department, Privy Council (P.C.) Number. Search results provide the P.C.number, the registration number for the Canada Gazette, Part II, the sponsoring department and a brief description of the Order-in-Council. The Help section provides information about obtaining texts of Orders in Council. Coverage: 1990 -.

  • Orders-in-Council, 1867-1890 (Library and Archives Canada:   ArchivaNet)
    This tool provides access to Orders-in-Council from 1867-1890.

Publications (Department of Justice)
Alphabetical index to Justice publications.


Supreme Court of Canada Judgements
Joint project between the Supreme Court of Canada and the LexUM team of the Centre de recherche en droit public at University of Montreal. Decisions provided here have been prepared for convenience of reference only. The official versions of decisions and reasons for decision by the Supreme Court of Canada are published in the Supreme Court Reports (S.C.R.). For all purposes of interpreting and applying the law, users should consult the Supreme Court Reports (S.C.R.).

Judgements of the Supreme Court of Canada (1998 - ) are also archived in the Library and Archives Canada's Electronic Collection.

Federal Court of Canada Decisions
As a specialized public law court, the Federal Court of Canada reviews the decisions of the federal administrative tribunals. The jurisdiction of the Federal Court includes immigration, citizenship, admiralty, customs, intellectual property, tax, labour relations, transportation, communications, parole and penitentiary proceedings.  Federal Court Reports are available on the website of the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs.

Government Finances

This section provides links to the electronic versions of key federal documents relating to government finances and fiscal policy. The order of this listing reflects the annual budgetary and financial cycle.

Budget Information (Department of Finance)
Access to the annual Budget Speeches and Budget documents usually introduced in the House of Commons in February by the Minister of Finance. The Budget Speech delivered by the Minister of Finance reviews the state of the economy and lays out the fiscal policy the government intends to follow. The associated Budget documents contain detailed information relating to the budget including legislation to be introduced to implement measures contained in the budget. Access is also provided to the fall Economic and Fiscal Updates.

Estimates for the Government of Canada  (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)
Access to the annual Estimates documents prepared by the Treasury Board Secretariat for submission to Parliament. The Estimates documents are generally tabled in February. The Estimates spell out in detail the spending plans of the government for the upcoming fiscal year.

Public Accounts of Canada  (Receiver General for Canada)
Published annually in the fall under the joint direction of the President of the Treasury Board, the Minister of Finance and the Receiver General of Canada, the Public Accounts of Canada show in detail how public funds have been spent in the past fiscal year.

The Public Accounts of Canada are archived in the Library and Archives Canada's Electronic Collection.

Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada (Department of Finance)
Reviews the government's spending and revenue performance over the past fiscal year and discusses the factors affecting these results. Its purpose is to provide accurate, relevant, understandable and timely financial information in order to enhance government accountability and to enable Canadians to play a more active and effective role in guiding government decision-making. This report presents condensed financial statements based on the detailed data published in the Public Accounts. Accompanying this report are historical fiscal reference tables and related fiscal indicators for the federal government and the provinces.

These reports are also available on the Electronic Collection of the Library and Archives Canada.

Reports of the Auditor General of Canada

Access to the full-text of a long run of the Reports of the Auditor General of Canada. The Auditor General's Reports to the House of Commons contains the findings of an examination of public accounts and audits of government departments and agencies. This information is used by Parliament to hold the government to account for its stewardship of public funds. Until 1996, the Report of the Auditor General was issued on an annual basis. Since that time, several reports have been issued each year. The site offers a search facility as well as helpful listings by topic and by institution.


Statistics Canada Publications