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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) building located?

See Where We Are.

What are the opening hours during which I can access the collection and avail myself of LAC's services?

See Facilities and Regulations.

Library and Archives Canada will be closed for the following statutory holidays:

  2013 2014
New Year's Day Tuesday, January 1 Wednesday, January 1
Good Friday Friday, March 29 Friday, April 18
Easter Monday Monday, April 1 Monday, April 21
Victoria Day Monday, May 20 Monday, May 19
*Canada Day Monday, July 1 Tuesday, July 1
Civic Holiday (Ontario) Monday, August 5 Monday, August 4
Labour Day Monday, September 2 Monday, September 1
Thanksgiving Monday, October 14 Monday, October 13
Remembrance Day Monday, November 11 Tuesday, November 11
Christmas Wednesday, December 25 Thursday, December 25
Boxing Day Thursday, December 26 Friday, December 26

*The Holidays Act stipulates that when July 1 is a Sunday, Canada Day is observed on July 2.

*Rooms will be open but unstaffed on the following days:

  2013 2014
Day after New Year's Day NA NA
Easter Sunday, March 31 Sunday, April 20
Canada Day NA NA
Remembrance Day NA NA
Boxing Day NA NA

* Consultation and Genealogy: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
* Reference: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

How can I obtain a LAC user card?

Use our online User Card Registration Form.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just come by?

  • Our on-site services are available to all registered users without appointment.

  • Please come to the Reference Desk (see Reference Rooms). If yours is a complex request, an appointment with a reference specialist may be necessary. Your appointment can be booked at the Reference Desk.

  • You can also request Reference by Appointment in advance of your visit.

Where can I park?

See Public Transit and Parking.

Can the building at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa be reached via public transit?

See Public Transit and Parking.

What can I bring with me into the reference and consultation rooms while conducting research at LAC?

You are allowed to bring:

  • research notes, lead pencils, a laptop, a tape recorder. You may only bring those items required for your research; they have to be put into a transparent plastic bag that the commissionaire will give you.

You are not allowed to bring the following items:

  • coats, knapsacks, umbrellas or briefcases. These items must be stored in a locker in the Cloak Room. See Facilities and Regulations.

Where can I eat?

  • The cafeteria on the fifth floor of the building at 395 Wellington Street has ceased operations. You can find restaurants and other food service outlets in the vicinity.
  • You may also eat on the ground floor of the building or in parks nearby. Please note that no food or drinks are allowed anywhere else in the building.

Is Internet access available at LAC?

A few workstations located in the Reference Rooms of LAC are connected to the Internet; their use is restricted to research purposes.

LAC also provides free wireless access to the Internet in the Reference Rooms and Consultation Rooms of the main building at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa.

Are the LAC building and its facilities accessible to people with disabilities?

See Accessibility

Which major databases provide access to LAC's collection?

See Research Tools

What if I'm unable to come to LAC in person...


Hiring a freelance researcher

Interlibrary and Inter-institutional Loans

Photocopies and Reproductions

Ask Us a Question

Is there lodging in the vicinity of 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa?

See Lodging.

What is the cost of photocopies and reproductions?

See Photocopies and Reproductions: Price List and Service Standards.

Am I allowed to bring books or documents home with me?

No. All LAC documents have to be consulted on-site.

Are there fees for LAC's reference services?

No. All services are free of charge with the exception of orders for photocopies and reproductions.

Can I send a question to LAC?

See Ask Us a Question.