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Atlas of Canada Online
Home page of the National Atlas of Canada. The site map is helpful for navigated through this site. The extensive Facts about Canada section provides geographical and statistical information on Canada. Provides access to the Topographical Maps. The Map Archives contains maps from all previous editions of the Atlas of Canada. The Learning Resources page is a selection of useful resources for both teachers and students.

Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada
Interactive and authoritative source of over 350,000 official and formerly official geographical names in Canada. Includes information on origins of Canadian place names, information for translators, geographical names trivia, and related websites.

Canadian Geographic Atlas Online
Site provides extensive thematic sections and an interactive mapping section that permits the creation of detailed, customized maps. Children's online atlas and learning resources are also available.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Site contains nearly 1 million place names representing approximately 900,000 physical or political entities,including continents, rivers, mountains, empires, nations, states, districts, townships, cities, and neighborhoods. It provides vernacular, English, and historical names; variant names in other languages; coordinates; as well as brief notes with additional information about the places.

ARCHIVED - Library and Archives Canada: Maps, Plans and Charts
Search tool providing access to descriptions of maps, plans and charts. Also provides access to over 4,000 items that have been digitized and may be consulted online.

National Atlas of the United States
Home page of the National Atlas of the United States. Provides reference maps and interactive map tool.

Natural Resources Canada
Provides access to a wide range of departmental resources such as maps , the Geological Survey of Canada photo database, the Canadian Minerals Yearbook, The State of Canada's Forests, fuel prices, their annual vehicle fuel consumption guide.

Commission de toponymie (Québec)
Provides access to their database of Quebec geographical names. The origin and meaning of place names are often included. Other helpful resources from the Commission de toponymie include information on aboriginal geographical names and municipal geographical names.