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Research tool for finding information on recent legislation. Provides electronic access to information about individual bills: the text of the bill at various stages; government press releases and backgrounders; legislative summaries from the Parliamentary Research Branch; important speeches at second reading; votes; and coming into force data.

Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Government Information
A selective collection of links to Canadian government sites including key federal documents on the web, provincial governments and legislatures, and provincial legislation on the web. Includes a page of links to the news release pages of individual federal government departments.

ARCHIVED - Library and Archives Canada: Government of Canada Files
The database contains over a million descriptions of files created by departments and agencies of the Federal Government of Canada including over 50,000 digital images. Useful for anyone interested in the federal government records held by Library and Archives Canada. Orders-in-Council database provides access to Orders-in-Council from 1867 through subsequent decades.

Library and Archives Canada - Politics and Government
This page offers a selection of Library and Archives Canada resources on the topic of politics and government.

Parliament of Canada
The Chamber Business section provides access to the Debates, Journal, Indexes, Order Paper, Status of House Business, Progress of Legislation. The Comittee Business section provides lists of Committees, links to individual Commmittee sites and links to committee proceedings. The Senators and Members section provides current and historical information on Members of Cabinet, Senators, M.P.s. The PARLINFO section and the About Parliament section with a very helpful A to Z Index provide extensive fact sheets on all aspects of Parliament. The Virtual Library section provides access to Parliamentary Research Branch Publications.

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Government — Canada — Government Publications

Canadian Research Index = Index de Recherche du Canada (access limited to LAC on-site users)
Index to publications of Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments. LAC subscribes to Microlog, the microfiche collection of documents indexed in the Canadian Research Index (CRI). Documents from this microfiche collection can be retrieved through the OPAC using AMICUS No. 1340473 and providing the specific Microlog fiche number found in the record CRI record. Coverage: 1982 - .

Government of Canada Publications
Provides access to the Government of Canada publications catalogue, the Depository Services Program, information on crown copyright and licensing, and links for provincial and territorial government publications.

Government of Canada Web Archive - Library and Archives Canada
LACís Government of Canada Web Archive provides access to on-going harvests and snapshots of the Federal Government web domain.

Index to Federal Royal Commissions
Contains author and keyword access to materials pertaining to more than 200 Canadian federal royal commissions since Confederation. There are approximately 6800 items in the index that includes commission reports, briefs, submissions, evidence, working papers and other documents. Most materials cited in this index are held in the Canadian Official Publications collection of Library and Archives Canada.

Key Federal Documents on the Web
A pathfinder to key federal government publications available on the web such as the Budget, Estimates, Public Accounts, Auditor General's Report, Canada Gazette, Statutes and Regulations, Parliamentary Papers, Court reports.

Library and Archives Canada Electronic Collection
The Electronic Collection includes parliamentary and government documents in electronic form. N.B: Access to these electronic documents is also available by searching the National Library Collection in Amicus Web and clicking on the hot-linked URLs within the cataloguing records.

Orders-in-Council - Library and Archives Canada
This tool provides access to digitized images of Orders-in-Council from 1867 through subsequent decades. Regular updates will extend the temporal range of these records through to the mid-20th century.

Orders in Council - Privy Council Office
Database search options include: keywords, act, department, P.C. number. Search results provide the P.C. number, the registration number for the Canada Gazette, Part II, the sponsoring department and a brief description of the OIC. Coverage: 1990 - . Government Documents Collection
Provides access to over 20,000 Ontario government documents archived in pdf format by the Ontario Legislative Library from publicly available Ontario government websites.

Parliament of Canada
Provides access to electronic versions of parliamentary papers: Chamber Business (Senate and House of Commons Debates, Journals, Order Paper and Notice Paper), Bills of the Senate and House of Commons, and Committee Business (Minutes of Proceedings, Evidence and Reports).

Public Opinion Research Reports - Government of Canada
This website provides access to information about public opinion research contracted after August 1, 2006 for which the final reports have been submitted to Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Access to electronic versions of executive summaries (and of the full report if available) is provided. Search AMICUS using the Publication Type limiter "public opinion research" to find all public opinion research reports (print and electronic) conducted for the Government of Canada deposited at LAC since 1994.