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Submission Guidelines

How to Submit Your Thesis

All theses must be sent to Theses Canada by your university. Theses Canada cannot accept theses submitted by individual authors. Consult your university for its guidelines about theses submissions. Ensure that your submission does not include personal information.

Submit the following to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office at your university:

Personal Information

Personal information, such as original signatures of either faculty or theses authors, student numbers, home addresses and telephone numbers, etc., should not be included in theses and dissertations sent to Theses Canada.

Patent Pending, Sensitive or Restricted Information

It is not necessary to submit your thesis immediately if a patent is pending or if it contains sensitive or restricted information. Consult your university for its policy on theses restriction periods. When the restriction period is over, your university will send your thesis to LAC.

Preparation of Paper Theses

To prepare your paper thesis for submission to LAC through your university:

  • Collate your thesis to ensure all pages are included.
  • Print on one side only to ensure a good quality reproduction of your thesis on microfiche.
  • Avoid oversized paper. These dimensions work the best: 21.5 cms by 28 cms (8.5 X 11 inches). European standard size paper is also acceptable.

Theses Non-Exclusive License

At the time you submit your thesis or dissertation to your university, you must submit a Theses Non-Exclusive License form. Please read the license carefully before you sign it and make sure that you thoroughly understand it. If you require more information about any of the clauses it contains, contact Theses Canada.

This form is an agreement between you (the thesis author) and LAC that gives LAC permission to include your thesis in the Theses Canada program. Because the license is non-exclusive you can pursue any other publishing venture that you wish. The license clearly indicates that you retain ownership of the copyright and moral rights on your thesis.

Printing Instructions:

Turn-Around Time

Upon signing the Theses Non-Exclusive License your university will submit your thesis to the Theses Canada program in one of two ways:

  • If you submitted your thesis electronically, LAC will acquire it directly from your university.
  • If you submitted a paper thesis, your university will submit it to Theses Canada via ProQuest. (Some universities may send electronic theses to ProQuest as well as to LAC.)

If submitting paper theses via ProQuest, universities often send theses in batches after convocations. Your university will send it to a location in Windsor where it will be transported to ProQuest in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This can take up to several weeks. The company is committed to a 90 day turn-around time to process Canadian theses and dissertations. Copies of the fiches are then sent to Theses Canada where they are processed. By the time the fiches reach LAC there should be a record for your thesis on the Theses Canada Portal and in AMICUS. At a minimum, the entire process takes six months.