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Theses Canada Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

The committee was created at the request of the group that participated in the national consultation on electronic theses in Ottawa on December 4, 2000.

The mandate of the committee is to review policies and operations of Theses Canada and to provide advice and/or make recommendations relative to various questions and issues with a particular focus on the transition from print to electronic theses both at Theses Canada and at Canadian universities.


Organizational Members

  • AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada)
  • CAGS (Canadian Association for Graduate Studies)
  • CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries)
  • CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers)
  • CNCS (Conseil national des cycles supérieurs, Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec)
  • LAC (Library and Archives Canada)
  • NGC (National Graduate Caucus, Canadian Federation of Students)


  • Simon Fraser University, Library
  • Université Laval, Bibliothèque
  • University of Manitoba, Library
  • University of Toronto, Library
  • University of Waterloo, Library