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  Library Symbol Library Type Library Name
1. AC Public Calgary Public Library, W.R. Castell Central Library, Calgary
2. ACEM Government Alberta Education Materials Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired, Calgary
3. AE Public Edmonton Public Library, Edmonton
4. AECLS Government Alberta Community Development, Arts, Recreation and Libraries Branch, Edmonton
5. AEEM Government Alberta Education, Learning Resources Centre, Specialized Services for Students with Visual Impairments, Edmonton
6. AEU University University of Alberta, Rutherford Library, Edmonton
7. ARDC College Red Deer College Library, Red Deer
8. BABF Public Fraser Valley Regional Library, Abbotsford
9. BBGVL Public Public Library Interlink, Burnaby
10. BBLA Government British Columbia Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, Public Library Services Branch, Audiobook Program, Burnaby
11. BKCT Public Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System, Library Administration Centre, Kamloops
12. BKO Public Okanagan Regional Library, Kelowna
13. BNVI Public Vancouver Island Regional Library, Nanaimo
14. BPR Public Prince Rupert Public Library, Prince Rupert
15. BSUR Public Surrey Public Library, Surrey
16. BVA Public Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver
17. BVACILS College Langara College, B.C. College and Institute Library Services, Langara Library, Vancouver
18. BVAPVI Government Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired, Vancouver
19. BVAU University University of British Columbia, Walter C. Koerner Library, Vancouver
20. BVAUCC Special University of British Columbia, Access and Diversity, Crane Library, Vancouver
21. BVI Public Greater Victoria Public Library, Victoria
22. BWLCR Public Cariboo Regional District Library, Williams Lake
23. MAB Public Evergreen Regional Library, Arborg Branch, Arborg
24. MBB Public North-West Regional Library, Benito Branch, Benito
25. MBBR Public Brokenhead River Regional Library, Beausejour

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