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  Library Symbol Library Type Library Name
1. ABA Special Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Archives and Library, Banff
2. ABAC Special Alpine Club of Canada, Library, Banff
3. ABEAG Government Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Beaverlodge Research Centre, Beaverlodge
4. ABPWG Special Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Library, Banff
5. ABSFA Special Banff Centre for Continuing Education, Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives, Banff
6. AC Public Calgary Public Library, W.R. Castell Central Library, Calgary
7. ACACP Government Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada Agency, Banff National Park, Library, Banff
8. ACAI Special Arctic Institute of North America Library, Calgary
9. ACAL College Augustana University College, Library, Camrose
10. ACBCC Special Blake, Cassels and Graydon, Library, Calgary
11. ACG Special Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery, Library and Archives, Calgary
12. ACGP Special Great Plains Development Co. of Canada Ltd., Calgary
13. ACHCU College Canadian University College, Library, College Heights
14. ACIA Government Parks Canada, Western and Northern Service Centre, Library, Calgary
15. ACL Government Alberta Law Libraries, Calgary Branch, Calgary
16. ACMR University Mount Royal University, Library, Calgary
17. ACNEB Government National Energy Board, Library Services, Calgary
18. ACNER Special Anadarko Canada Corporation, Document Resource Management, Calgary
19. ACPMC Government Alberta Energy, Reference Centre, Calgary
20. ACRCT Government Canada Revenue Agency, Knowledge and Research Centre, Western Zone,Calgary
21. ACRS Government Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, Knowledge Centre, Calgary Branch, Calgary
22. ACRVH Special University of Calgary, Rockyview General Hospital, Knowledge Centre, Calgary
23. ACSO Special SUNCOR Inc., Library, Calgary
24. ACU University University of Calgary, Library, Calgary
25. ACUAI University University of Calgary, Arctic Institute of North America Library, Calgary

Results: (1-25 of 927)    Next