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Most web browsers provide a method of searching a HTML page for specific text. You can use this ability to help you find specific library listings on a HTML page. See your browsers help pages or manual to find out how to search with your browser.

If you are looking for specific data you might try searching for:

  • the city in a province i.e. Ottawa
  • the federal indicator searches Library Type i.e. Government (Federal Government Library)
  • the library symbol i.e. OONL
  • the library type i.e. National, Provincial/Territorial, University, College, Public, School, Special, Government
  • the name of the library i.e. National Library of Canada
  • the record type i.e. alternate formats, monographs, serials
  • the Union Catalogue reporting status i.e. Contributing, Holdings Deleted from the Union Catalogue, Superseded, Under Review