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Key to the Library Listings

[Canadian Library Symbol*]
[Name of Library]
[Location: City, Province]
Library Type:
[Types: Government; Provincial / Territorial; Special; University; College; School; Public]
Reporting Status:
[Contributing; Holdings Deleted from Union Catalogue; Superseded; Under Review]
[Microfilm, Newspaper, Electronic Clearinghouse]

Record Type First Fiscal
Last Fiscal
[type of bibliographic records contributed by a client library to the Union Catalogue i.e. Alternate Formats for the Print Disabled, Monographs, Serials] *** of contribution to the Union Catalogue

[yyyy-yyyy] = fiscal year from April 1 to March 31
[Yes / No] = a client library that reports items no longer in their collection for deletion from the Union Catalogue

* Assigned by Library & Archives Canada, Library symbols are precise, standardized, shorthand identifiers that are useful for automated interlending communications and processing, as well as union lists, bibliographies and local and regional networks.
Canadian library symbols are composed of three groups of letters. The first group identifies the province, the second group identifies the city and the third identifies the institution.

**Union Catalogue Projects:
Electronic Clearinghouse: a project to create a clearinghouse to which Canadian commercial publishers make their electronic-masters available to Alternate Format producers and thereby facilitate the timely and affordable production of multiple format titles to the print disabled
Microfilm: project started in the 1950's to microfilm major Canadian libraries' catalogues and shelf lists on-site and convert the data to standard 3X5 cards for inclusion in the Manual Union Catalogue
Newspaper: a project between 1985-1986 and 1988-1989 to create a Canadian newspaper inventory, the "Union List of Canadian Newspapers" or ULCN