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Database services for Clients with Disabilities

People with print disabilities who cannot read standard print due to low vision, learning disabilities or physical disabilities that prevent them from physically holding a book, require publications in alternative formats such as braille, large print, audio and electronic text. LAC's national Union Catalogue in AMICUS contains records for works in alternative formats, so that they can be located and shared across the country by interlibrary loan. This is a very important service since only 5% of Canadian works are available in alternative formats.

In addition, producers who create alternative format titles send bibliographic information about their intended productions to LAC, where pre-publication records are then created in AMICUS; these are called Canadian Works in Progress (CANWIP). Other producers routinely search AMICUS prior to starting production of an alternative format, in order to avoid duplication of effort that would otherwise cost millions of dollars. LAC also operates an ARCHIVED - Electronic Clearinghouse for Alternative Format production to enable publishers to make their electronic files available to producers in order to increase the production of alternative formats and their timely availability to Canadians with print disabilities.

Information on other LAC services to people with disabilities is available.

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