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What's New

National Flag of Canada Day images now on Flickr

Gatineau, February 15, 2012 — Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is pleased to announce that a new set of images highlighting National Flag of Canada Day is now available on Flickr.

The set features images of flag designs, submitted to replace the British Ensign that Canada used until February 15, 1965.

On that same day, the Canadian Red Ensign — Canada’s first flag — was lowered. Then, the new red and white maple leaf flag was raised in its place. The national anthem "O Canada" resonated from loyal spectators who also sang the British royal anthem "God Save the Queen."

Other LAC image sets on Flickr document the contributions of Canadians who served in the First World War, as well as the arrival of Irish immigrants to Canada and their time spent at the Grosse Île quarantine station. These images showcase different periods in Canadian history, which have shaped the multicultural and modern Canada we know today.

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