Camera Workers: The British Columbia Photographic Directory, 1858-1950 - References: Published: U

1999-2002 By David Mattison

Updated: 2002.11.19

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  Trio: Ernest William Albert Crocker, 1877-1968. Victoria, B.C.: Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Victoria, April 1993. Exhibit catalogue.

University of Washington Libraries Libraries. Digital Initiatives Program.
   Albert Henry Barnes Photographs. Web:
   American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection. Web: see also American Memory, Library of Congress.
  Asahel Curtis Photo Company Photographs. Web: [Curtis, A.].
  Eric A. Hegg Photographs. Web: [Hegg, E.A.].
  Frank La Roche Photographs. Web: [La Roche, F.].
  Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899. Web: [Curtis, E.S.].
  Wilhelm Hester Photographs. Web:
  William E. Meed Photographs. Web:

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   Klondike Gold Rush: The Perilous Journey North. Seattle: University of Wasington Libraries, Special Collections and Preservation Division, 1997. Prepared by Rebecca Hackman. Web:

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