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Implementation guide for federal land managers
Implementation guide for federal land managers 0 - Cover  

Implementation guide for federal land managers, 1996
ISBN: 0-662-24081-2
Cat.: CW66-145/1996E


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The Federal Policy on Wetland Conservation was released in March 1992, under Canada's Green Plan. Federal departments have now had several years to consider the goals, guiding principles, and strategies articulated by the Policy, and how these might best be integrated with their program delivery. Environment Canada, specifically the headquarters office of the Canadian Wildlife Service and regional Environmental Conservation Branch offices, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Policy. As a result, these offices have been consulted on the application of the Policy to many different federal decisions, mostly involving federal land management. This experience not only reaffirmed the range of opportunities afforded the federal government to practise wetland conservation, but also identified a need for guidance for federal land managers on how to effectively apply the Policy. It was clear that a general guide was required to field front-line questions such as: When and how should the Policy be brought to bear on federal land management decisions? What does the Policy mean to real property transactions, federal land planning programs, or environmental assessments? How does the federal wetland policy relate to provincial wetland policies? Where can federal land managers obtain further advice, assistance, or information required to make decisions that involve wetlands? The Government of Canada is pleased to present this Guide and to confirm the continued support of the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Environmental Conservation Branch of Environment Canada in each region in helping federal land managers to understand and apply the Federal Policy on Wetland Conservation.


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