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Canadian Wildlife Service Strategic Plan

Canadian Wildlife Service Strategic Plan 2000
Canadian Wildlife Service Strategic Plan 2000 0 - Cover  

Canadian Wildlife Service Strategic Plan 2000


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The need for a strategic plan

This document sets the direction and scope for Environment Canada's wildlife program for the period 2000-2010. It reflects the challenges and opportunities presented by the department's legislated mandates and authorities, the expectations of partners and the public, resource needs and limitations, and of ultimate importance, the increasing urgency of Canadian wildlife conservation concerns.

Setting the strategic direction

This plan sets the broad strategic direction for the Canadian Wildlife Service for the coming decade and outlines the strategies and opportunities to meet the corresponding objectives. As such, it serves as a tool for guiding our decision making, focusing human and financial resources, and demonstrating our key roles in Canada's wildlife conservation to departmental staff, our partners, and the Canadian public.

Value of the CWS name

The term "Canadian Wildlife Service" (CWS) is formally used for a component of Environment Canada in Headquarters and informally for the department's wildlife programs throughout the regions. The name is well recognized worldwide to denote Canada's wildlife conservation agency and has enormous value both within and beyond the department for its connotation of a long history of scientific expertise, commitment, leadership, and partnerships. It is used here in an inclusive way that builds on these associations to describe all staff and programs of Environment Canada that are involved in and support the department's wildlife conservation activities.


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