Welland Wilfred Phipps
Nickname:"Weldy" Phipps
Birthdate:July 23, 1922
Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario
Year Inducted: 1973

"The application of his aeronautical abilities in designing and perfecting the use of super-balloon aircraft tires and his numerous flights into the high Arctic, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Welland Phipps flew for the RCAF during WWII and was shot down over Germany in 1943. His claim to fame was the Tundra Tire which was a light weight, supersized balloon tire. This allowed his small aircraft to operate from tundra, snow, and rock-strewn ground. He joined Bradley Air Services in 1957 where he expanded his use of the big tires in the far Arctic and added to his knowledge of cold weather aircraft operations. He made several extended flights to the North Pole for scientific purposes and in support of expeditions.

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