Assuring Protection for Tomorrow's (APT) Environment

Contact: Susan Bryant / Sylvia Berg
Established: 1989
Address: 5 Park Avenue West Elmira, ON N3B 1K9
Membership Size: 60 Families
Phone #: (519) 669-5321 (Hm.) (519) 884-4400 (Wk.)

The main goals of Assuring Protection for Tomorrow's (APT) Environment are to address environmental issues in Elmira - specifically, water contamination from Uniroyal Chemical Ltd. The group is also involved in educating the public about the issue, gathering data, and liaising with the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE), as well as local politicians.

Environmental Enhancement Activities (since 1989)
Canagagigue Creek improvement
Clean Waterways Group in Woolwich Township, Ontario

Environmental Information Gathering, Monitoring, or Inventory Activities
Groundwater and surface water reports for Elmira, including Canagagigue Creek and the Grand River. All available information and monitoring data is gathered, reviewed, and made available to the public through the Elmira Public Library.
Time Frame : Information has been regularly collected since 1989, although some material dates back to 1940.
Storage Method : Paper files
Groups Affiliated with the Above Activities : Elmira Public Library

Historical or Archival Environmental Records Belonging to APT Environment
APT Library
Collections on Uniroyal, Varnicolour and other local industry, as well as all available water and technical reports for the Elmira Public Library.
Reports or Delegations sent to Municipal or Government Agencies (since 1989)
Many, to all levels of government - primarily the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Primary concerns have focused on water quality and chemical contamination from local industry (especially Uniroyal and Varnicolour).
Besides funding, APT Environment would like to see more resources in the areas of:
Education and training in do-it-yourself water quality monitoring.

Elmira Public Library - Reference Section re: Uniroyal Chemical

Contact: Esther L. Thur
Established: 1989
Address:21 Ernst St., Elmira, ON, N3B 1K4
Membership Size: n/a
Phone #: (519) 669-5477 (Library) (519) 669-2976 (E.L. Thur)

Collection of Material regarding the Uniroyal Chemical Contamination Event.