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These photos are a group of images which depict the lifestyle of the Labrador people. There is no specific location for these pictures, only descriptions of the task at hand.

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Labrador Region Waterhorse, Labrador. A waterhorse was a structure which allowed split codfish to drain after immersion in brine.

Labrador Region Hand-flakes, Labrador. Both men and women were employed in putting salted cod fish on the flakes (drying platforms) to dry in the summer sun.

Labrador Region Hauling the Cod-seine, Labrador. The cod-seine or net was one method used to catch cod fish.

Labrador Region Splitting Salmon and Catching Tom-Cods. The fishermen standing at the splitting table are preparing the day's salmon catch, while the young boys at the far right jig for young cod over the edge of the wharf.

Labrador Region Splitting Salmon, Labrador. Fishermen prepare salmon for salting and drying.

Labrador Region Splitting Codfish, Labrador Fishermen prepare cod fish for salting and drying.

Labrador Region Skinning a Seal's Pelt. These men are removing the fat layer from the skin of a seal.

Labrador Region Fishing Boats on Cradle, Labrador. Fishing vessels at anchor.

Labrador Region View at Rapids, fifteen miles up Eskimo River.

Labrador Region Old Fort Bay.
Reputed site of large French Settlement (called Brest) before Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence.

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