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covery of book: Keystone Legacy... The Keystone Legacy: Recollections of a Black Settler

by Gwen Hooks
published by Brightest Pebble Publishing Company

ISBN 0-9699669-4-6
112 pages / bibliography / index / photos

A piece of Alberta history has survived the passing of time thanks to a recently released book by a Leduc author. The compelling story of the black settlers who moved into the Breton area at the beginning of the century is the driving force behind The Keystone Legacy: Recollections of a Black Settler. 

"I felt their story should be told and they should be given recognition for what they have done," said author Gwen Hooks. Hooks said she interviewed as many settlers as she could to complete her book and spent two years researching, writing, phoning, and travelling throughout Western Canada, to cities as far away as Winnipeg and Vancouver. 

About the Author: Gwen Hooks is a graduate of the University of Alberta and a retired public school teacher who was employed by the County of Leduc for 35 years. She spends much of her time researching and writing, especially about Black heritage and pioneer times. She currently makes her home in Leduc, Alberta, after having lived most of her life on a farm near Breton, Alberta.

You can contact Brightest Pebble Publishing company via e-mail, snail-mail, or by telephone: 

Brightest Pebble Publishing Company 
P.O. Box 4218 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
T6E 4T2 

Telephone: 780-435-5827 or 780-438-0262 
Fax: 780-435-5852 


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