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 Ivan Pylypow

Ivan Pylypow, emigrated to Canada September 7th, 1891 from Austria. Born September 28, 1859.  Died October 10, 1936.Ivan Pylypow was one of the first two Ukrainian settlers to arrive in Canada. In 1891 he and Wasyl Eleniak came to Canada in search of the free land they had heard about from visitors to their hometown of Nebyliv, district Kalusz, Galicia, Austria (Western Ukraine). 

The eldest son of Hawrylo Pylypiwsky, Ivan spent most of his early years in Nebyliv, working on the family farm. Unfortunately not much is known or has been recorded about his youth in Ukraine except that he may have worked as a logger. After spending a few months in Canada he returned to his homeland in 1892 with the intention of bringing over to Canada his family for permanent settlement.

Ivan Pylypow.He returned to Canada on the S.S. Laurentian, landing at Quebec in May 1893 with his family and soon after filed his application for homestead in the Bruderheim district. However, he eventually cancelled it in favour of a new spot near the Edna settlement. His new application for a homestead in Edna was granted in 1894 and that is where he established his family homestead and lived out the rest of his life. He died in an accident in 1936 and was buried at Chipman, Alberta. His farmhouse has been designated an historic building and now resides at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, located east of Edmonton.

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