A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Welcome, White Pine Pictures is proud to present our new Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets to accompany the website information and videos of our television series "A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada". The 39-part series explores the various immigrant groups that settled Canada, and how they shaped its future. We have designed these Lesson Plans specifically with teachers in mind. The content is also printed in our Teachers' Guide which we created in collaboration with educational advisors, Professor John Fielding at Queen's University's Department of education, and Professor John Myers at the University of Toronto's OISE.

To access the Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets, click on this EPISODES button or back to main SEEDS page. The series presently consists of Season I, II, & III, with 13 episodes each. Season 4 is currently in production and will be completed in Spring, 2001. When you click on EPISODES, you will have a choice of SEASON I, SEASON II, or SEASON III. Choose a SEASON, and you will see the episodes listed with brief descriptions of contents. When you choose the episode you are interested in click on it, and you will find that we have organized the information for teachers into three clickable sections:




This feature is organized by PROVINCE, indicating which episodes are most suitable for teaching history in each grade in each province. The Curriculum Correlation Chart was prepared by Ted Bryant and Professor John Fielding of the Department of Education at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario in consultation with curriculum advisors of Ministries of Education in each province.

To accompany the series and lesson plans, McArthur and Company is publishing a book entitled "A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada"</>, based on the series and written by Lindalee Tracey. The book will be available after October 8, 1999. By clicking on the title above you will find ordering information.

If you or your School Board are interested in purchasing episodes or the entire series please contact our non-theatrical distributor, McNabb and Connolly. You will find ordering information by clicking here and in many other places on this site.

Have a great year. We hope that our Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets will help enrich your teaching and learning.