A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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1. Something From Nothing: The Shumiatcher Saga
by David Paperny
DAVID PAPERNY profiles the legendary Shumiatcher family of Calgary; Russian Jews, who's company Smithbilt, became synonymous with the white hats of the Calgary Stampede and the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary.
2. The Force Of Hope: The Legacy Of Father McGauran
By Lindalee Tracey
LINDALEE TRACEY traces the heroic efforts of an Irish priest to comfort thousands of dying immigrants who poured into Québec during the Irish Potato Famine of 1847.
3. The Road Chosen: The Story Of Lem Wong
By Keith Lock
KEITH LOCK follows Lem Wong who laboured in Chinese laundries from Vancouver to Cape Breton Island, and finally founded a popular restaurant in London, Ontario.
4. For The Love Of God: The Mennonites And Benjamin Eby
By Ann Kennard
ANN KENNARD delves into the Mennonite community of St. Jacob's, Ontario, following the story of the Eby family who crossed the Canadian border in 1807 with 10,000 silver dollars hidden in a quilt.
5. Breaking The Ice: The Story Of Mary Ann Shadd
By Sylvia Sweeney
SYLVIA SWEENEY'S spotlight falls on Mary Ann Shadd, abolitionist and teacher. Living in Windsor, Ontario, she become the first female newspaper editor and the first female black lawyer in North America.
6. Acadian Spirit: The Legacy Of Philippe D'Entremont
By Peter D'Entremont
PETER D'ENTREMONT explores his own ancestry through the story of Philippe d'Entremont, one of the early founders of the Acadian community of Pubnico, Nova Scotia.
7. Sons And Daughters: The Italians Of Schreiber
By Patricia Fogliato and David Morton
PATRICIA FOGLIATO and DAVID MORTIN follow the migration of a whole village from Calabria, Italy, to the town of Schreiber, Ontario, where they found work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. The film traces their families to their great-grandchildren today.
8. Watari Dori: A Bird Of Passage
By Linda Ohama
LINDA OHAMA profiles Irene Tsuyuki, who was interned in the BC interior during the Second World War, repatriated to Japan, but who finally returned to rebuild a life for herself and her family in Surrey, British Columbia.
9. The Impossible Home: Robert Kroetsch And His German Roots
By Carl Bessai
CARL BESSAI focuses on novelist and poet Robert Kroetsch, who, through his award-winning stories and poems, recounts the immigration of his German great, great-grandfather to Ontario and then onward to Heisler, Alberta.
10. Passage From India
By Ali Kazimi
ALI KAZIMI highlights Bagga Singh, who journeyed from a remote farming village in the Punjab to work in sawmills on the BC coast. Singh's legacy bridges three generations through the reflections of Singh's granddaughter, now a successful TV journalist in Vancouver.
11. The Fullness Of Time: Ukrainian Stories From Alberta
By Halya Kuchmij
HALYA KUCHMIJ returns to one of the first Ukrainian settlements in Alberta, and weaves together the stories of early immigrants compiled by poet, Harvey Spak.
12. The First Seeding: A Legacy Of Tenacity
By Richard Boutet
RICHARD BOUTET traces the legacy of Louis Hébert, the first farmer to sow wheat in Québec and the legacy of agriculture in the growing of a nation.
13 A Land As Green As The Sea
By Tom Radford
TOM RADFORD explores the legacy of his grandparents who left Scotland during the Highland Clearances to found the first newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta and to become Pulitzer Prize winners.

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