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glyphs.jpg (16739 bytes)Annapolis and Digby Counties enjoy some of the best canoeing and kayaking in Nova Scotia. The area has a network of rivers and lakes too numerous to count and people have been canoeing them for centuries. The areas original inhabitants, the Mi'Kmaq, used these waterways to travel back and forth from the coast to the interior as they moved with the seasons. Their importance in the founding of these travel routes is evident in the names that many of these places have today.

The area offers flat-water lakes and streams as well as some rivers with challenging rips, runs and falls along our rugged coast. Water levels in the streams and rivers are at their best during spring and late summer with many of them being passable via portage during the drier months.

Trips from as short as a few hours to several days are possible and the area has numerous guides, instructors and outfitters. Recently the Recreation Department of Annapolis County in co-operation with Sports and Recreation Nova Scotia published a book entitled Canoe Annapolis County. The routes featured in this book range from 2.5 km to a 3 to 4 day 46 km excursion. The book is complete with maps on how to get to the route as well as detailed maps on the route itself. You will also find trip planners as well as contact information for a list of agencies and businesses related to canoeing. For information on obtaining a copy of Canoe Annapolis County see our publications and resources section.

Kejimkujik By Water

With over 30 lakes, Kejimkujik has long been renowned for its great canoeing (and now kayaking) and many believe this is the best way to experience the park's true beauty. It offers adventurers slow-running rivers and streams; large, open, flat water lakes formed by glaciers; and challenging portages to overnight back-country campsites.

canoeing.jpg (25893 bytes)A back-country guide (purchased at the Information Centre) provides an invaluable source of information for those planning trips of any length. Canoes and kayaks can be rented at Jake's Landing by the hour or day and on request they will transport them to various locations within the park. For first-timers the section of the Mersey River at Jake's Landing provides an excellent spot for a short paddle to hone your skills and discover why so many have fallen in love with paddling at Kejimkujik.


Darlene Ricker
(CNS) Certified Canoe Nova Scotia
Flatwater Instructor
Bear River, NS
Tel: (902)467-3096

Gerald Oickle
Certified by Canadian Recreational Canoe Assoc.(CRCA)
Certified by Canoe Nova Scotia (CNS)
Master Instructor
Caledonia, NS
Tel: (902) 682-2379
John Scaling
Certified by Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Certified by Canoe Nova Scotia
Senior Instructor
Middleton, NS
Tel: (902) 825-2589
Tom Vitiello
Certified by Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA)
Certified by Canoeing Nova Scotia (CNS)
Senior Instructor
Granville Ferry, NS
B0S 1K0
Tel: (902) 532-2932
Peter Rogers
Certified by Canadian Recreational Canoe Assoc. (CRCA)
Certified by Canoe Nova Scotia (CNS)
Senior Instructor
Caledonia, NS
Tel: (902) 682-2220


Land Registration & Information Service (maps)
396 Main Street.
Lawrencetown, NS
B0S 1M0
Tel: (902) 584-2266

Nova Scotia Nature Map
Nova Scotia Museum

Summer Nature Notes
Merrit Gibson

Wildlife of Nova Scotia
Julie Towers
Dept of Natural Resources

Dept. Natural Resources
(Has a list of licensed guides)
PO Box 130 Lawrencetown
NS B0S 1N0
Tel: (902) 584-2229

Coastal Adventures
(Kayak rentals)
PO Box 77 Tangier
NS B0J 3H0
Tel: (902) 722-2774
Fax: (902) 722-2774


Raven Haven
PO Box 100
Annapolis Royal, NS
B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-7320 June -Sept
Tel: (902) 532-2334 Sept- June

Natural History of Nova Scotia
Vol 1 & 2
Nimbus/Nova Scotia Museum
PO Box 9301, Station A
Halifax, NS
B3K 5N5

Sou'Wester Adventure Tours
(Canoe, bicycle, specialty tours)
P.O. Box 22
Bridgetown, NS
B0S 1C0
Tel: (902) 665-4004

Canoe Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Rd
P.O. Box 3010, Halifax, NS
B3J 3G6
Tel: (902) 425-5450 ext. 325
Fax: (902) 425-5606

Canoe Kayak Atlantic Division
17 Banook Ave
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 3Y3
(902) 466-9925

Annapolis County Recreation Dept
P.O. Box 100
Annapolis Royal, NS
B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-2331

Nova Scotia Government Bookstore
1700 Granville Street
PO Box 637
Halifax, NS
B3J 2T3
Tel: (902) 424-7580
Online Catalogue

Canoe Annapolis County
Annapolis County Recreation Dept
PO Box 100
Annapolis Royal, NS
B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-2334
or (902) 825-2005
Fax: (902) 532-2096

Raven Haven
PO Box100
Annapolis Royal
NS B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-7320 June -Sept
(902) 532-2334 Sept- June

Back of Beyond Canoe Outfitters
South Milford, NS
B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-2497

Milford House
PO Box 521
Annapolis Royal, NS
B0S 1A0
Tel: (902) 532-2671

Annapolis River Tours
(2hr river ride 24' pontoon boat)
Granville Centre, NS
B0S 1K0
(902) 532-7280

Annapolis Valley Paddlers
991 Lydiard Rd.
Centerville, NS
B0P 1J0
Tel: (902) 679-2852
Bob Johnston

Kejimkujik National Park
P.O. Box 236,
Maitland Bridge, NS
B0E 2W0
Tel: (902) 682-2772

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