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SR 111 Investigation Report

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List of Figures

Figure 1: HB-IWF overall dimensions and seat configuration
Figure 2: MD-11 design and configuration
Figure 3: Cockpit attic and forward cabin drop-ceiling areas
Figure 4: Area behind cockpit rear wall (Galley 2 and riser duct assembly removed)
Figure 5: Cockpit attic area and cut-out above cockpit rear wall
Figure 6: Muff assembly with MPET-covered insulation blanket
Figure 7: Forward cabin drop-ceiling area above Galley 2
Figure 8: MD-11 environmental system – Swissair configuration
Figure 9: Overhead diffuser assembly
Figure 10: Cockpit area airflow – typical
Figure 11: MD-11 cockpit
Figure 12: Cockpit CB panels
Figure 13: Wire construction
Figure 14: IFEN installation – general
Figure 15: IFEN (CB and Wiring) installation – cockpit and forward cabin drop-ceiling areas
Figure 16: Map light
Figure 17: Emergency equipment location – cockpit and forward cabin
Figure 18: Heavy lift operation
Figure 19: Reconstruction mock-up
Figure 20: Wire segments with melted copper
Figure 21: Exhibit 1-4372
Figure 22: IFEN PSU cable segments
Figure 23: Location of identified aircraft wires with regions of copper melt
Figure 24: Airframe structure and air distribution system
Figure 25: Heat damage – airframe structure
Figure 26: Heat damage – air distribution system
Figure 27: Cockpit attic and forward cabin drop-ceiling areas mock-up
Figure 28: Heat damage – upper and lower avionics CB panels
Figure 29: Heat damage – overhead CB panel
Figure 30: Position of recovered IFEN wires – outboard conduit
Figure 31: Position of recovered IFEN wires – middle conduit

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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