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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.5.5  Air Traffic Controllers

All of the Nav Canada air traffic controllers involved with the SR 111 flight were current and qualified for their positions in accordance with existing Canadian regulations. The controllers were considered to be suitably experienced (see Table 4) and were being supervised as required. At the time of the occurrence, the workload of the controllers in the Moncton ACC was assessed as light. The initial SR 111 radio communications with Moncton ACC were handled by the high-level controller who, at 0118:11, handed off the ATS function to the terminal radar controller for the approach and landing at Halifax.

Table 4: Air Traffic Controllers' Experience

  High-Level Controller Terminal Radar Controller
Age 32 51
Licence Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Control
Experience as a controller 9 years 26 years
Experience as an IFR controller 9 years 26 years
Experience in present unit 3.5 years 26 years
Hours on duty before accident 5 8
Hours off duty before work period 72 16.25

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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