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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.6.3  Ditching Mode

In the event that an emergency water landing is required, the aircraft can be configured for ditching by activating a DITCHING push button located to the right of the cabin pressure control panel on the overhead switch panel. When pushed, the switch provides a signal to the ESC, which then controls the various systems to prepare the aircraft for ditching. The existing cabin altitude is maintained during descent until the aircraft pressurization reaches zero differential, or until the aircraft descends through 2 500 feet, at which point the air packs are shut down. To maintain a watertight fuselage, the air pack ram air doors, the outflow valve, and the avionics and aft tunnel venturi valves are closed.

Examination of the SR 111 wreckage revealed that one air pack had been shut down. None of the other components expected to be closed if the DITCHING mode was selected were found in the ditching configuration. This would indicate that the DITCHING push button was not pushed; however, it could not be determined what effects the fire might have had on the serviceability of the associated systems.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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