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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.6.16  Cockpit Windows

The aircraft has six windows in the cockpit, three on each side. The two front windows are referred to as the left and right windshields. The windows immediately aft of the windshields are referred to as the left and right clearview windows; these can be manually opened under certain conditions. The two windows behind the clearview windows are referred to as the left and right aft windows.

All of the windows have imbedded electrical heating elements that are designed to prevent fogging on the inside of the window. The two windshields have additional electrical heating elements to prevent ice from forming on the outside. All of the windows have temperature sensors that allow the heating elements to be controlled from the windshield anti-ice panel located in the overhead control panel.

The controllers and sensors maintain the correct temperatures for anti-icing and defogging. The controllers automatically provide a gradual increase in heating to avoid thermal shock, and will remove electric power if an overheat condition occurs. An alert will be displayed on the EAD if any part of the system is not operative or if overheating occurs.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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