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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.7.3  Actual Reported Weather

The actual weather at JFK airport just prior to the departure of SR 111, was as follows: surface winds 170 degrees True at 12 knots; visibility 10 sm in thunderstorms and light rain; broken cloud at 2 200 feet agl, broken cloud at 4 000 feet agl consisting of cumulonimbus clouds, overcast layer at 9 000 feet agl; temperature 23°C; dew point 21°C; altimeter setting 29.73 inches of mercury (in. Hg). Remarks: thunderstorms in vicinity, west to northwest of the airport, moving eastward; thunderstorm began at 0010, rain began at 0003.

The weather at the Halifax Shearwater Airport at 0100 was as follows: surface winds 060 degrees True at 9 knots; visibility 15 sm; few clouds at 1 200 feet agl, broken clouds at 7 000 feet agl, overcast at 25 000 feet agl; temperature 18°C; dew point 15°C; altimeter setting 29.78 in. Hg; and cloud cover: stratus fractus 1/8, altocumulus 5/8, cirrus 3/8.

The weather at Halifax International Airport at 0100 was as follows: surface winds 100 degrees True at 10 knots; visibility 15 sm; broken cloud at 13 000 feet agl, overcast at 24 000 feet agl; temperature 17°C; dew point 13°C; and altimeter setting 29.80 in. Hg; and cloud cover: altocumulus 6/8, cirrostratus 2/8.

Between 0100 and 0200, the sky in the Peggy's Cove area was partially covered by clouds, and there were rain showers in the area. Visibility was recorded as "good" at weather stations on land; however, it was somewhat reduced in mist over the sea. The winds were blowing at about 10 knots. The air temperature was about 16°C.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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