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1.10  Aerodrome Information (STI1-54)

Halifax International Airport is 14 nm north-northeast of Halifax, at an airport elevation of 477 feet. ATC services for the Halifax airport are provided by radar controllers in the Moncton ACC and airport controllers in the Halifax ATC tower. The airport has runways oriented in two directions: Runway 15/33, which is 7 700 feet long; and Runway 06/24, which is 8 800 feet long. The runways are 200 feet wide and have an asphalt surface. The landing distance available for all the runways is equivalent to their full length.

Runways 24 and 15 are each served by an ILS approach; and runways 06 and 33 are each served by a localizer back-course approach. Runways 06 and 24 are also each served by an NDB approach. The NDB for Runway 06 is the Golf beacon, which is located on the extended centreline, 4.9 nm from the threshold of Runway 06.

Aircraft Firefighting Services at the Halifax International Airport met the availability and equipment requirements of the CARs. The Aircraft Firefighting Services were activated at 0120 and, within one minute, the response vehicles were in place adjacent to the runway of intended landing.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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