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SR 111 Investigation Report

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4.1.6  Overhead Aisle and Emergency Lights Transportation Safety Board of Canada United States Federal Aviation Administration The Boeing Company

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The interest in the MD-11 aisle and emergency light assemblies stems from analysis of heat-damaged ceiling panels recovered from the SR 111 aircraft. This damage was associated with overheating of the light assembly. During subsequent aircraft inspections, conducted as part of the SR 111 investigation, the TSB became aware of additional examples of overheating conditions in the overhead aisle and emergency light fixture used on the MD-11. Subsequently, on 29 December 2000 the TSB issued ASIL (A000062-1 (STI4-24) and A000062-2 (STI4-25)), which detailed this information to both the NTSB and the manufacturer of the fixture.

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The FAA reviewed the MD-11 industry in-service data pertaining to the overhead aisle and emergency lights, and determined that there was insufficient information to confirm the existence of an unsafe condition that would warrant safety action.

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In response to the TSB's findings, Boeing requested that the aisle and emergency light assembly manufacturer conduct testing. The results of this testing did not reveal any anomalies and confirmed that the fixture met existing certification standards.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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