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SR 111 Investigation Report

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4.2.4  Circuit Breaker Reset Philosophy

In recent years, aircraft manufacturers and operators have identified improper CB reset procedures. Consequently, they have taken positive steps to determine the most appropriate philosophy governing the resetting of CBs and to communicate that philosophy to pilots and technicians. The FAA 's Flight Standards Information Bulletin has also served to normalize the approach to the resetting of CBs taken by operators and their personnel, specifically flight crews, maintenance personnel, and ground servicing personnel.

TC relayed its position on the resetting of CBs in an issue of the Aviation Safety Letter, whose distribution is limited to Canadian licensed pilots. Awareness about such "best practices" appears to be increasing; however, the regulatory environment remains unchanged. At this time, requirements and guidance material do not include a clear and unambiguous message stipulating the acceptable CB reset philosophy, and the consequences of an inappropriate CB reset.

The Board believes that despite these initiatives, if the existing regulatory environment is not amended to reflect the acceptable CB reset philosophy, such "best practices" will not be universally applied across the aviation industry and ultimately, the positive changes currently established may not be maintained. Therefore, the Board recommends that

Regulatory authorities establish the requirements and industry standard for circuit breaker resetting.


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Updated: 2003-03-27

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