Transportation Safety Board of Canada / Bureau de la sécurité des transports du Canada
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A ampere
A&P airframe and powerplant
AAIB Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (Swiss)
AC Advisory Circular
AC alternating current
ACARS aircraft communications addressing and reporting system
ACC air conditioning controller
ACC area control centre
ACO Aircraft Certification Office
ACP audio control panel
ACSEP Aircraft Certification Systems Evaluation Program
AD Airworthiness Directive
ADAS auxiliary data acquisition system
ADC air data computer
ADG air-driven generator
ADT Atlantic daylight time
AEG Aircraft Evaluation Group
AEGIS Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
AES airborne earth station (within discussion of ACARS)
AES Auger electron spectroscopy (within discussion of material analysis)
AFCB arc fault circuit breaker
AFF aircraft firefighting
AFM Airplane (or Aircraft) Flight Manual
AFS auto flight system
agl above ground level
Al aluminum
ALAR Approach and Landing Accident Reduction
ALPA Air Line Pilots Association
AMU audio management unit
AND aircraft nose down
ANU aircraft nose up
AOC Air Operator Certificate
AOL All Operator Letter
AOM Aircraft Operations Manual
AP Autopilot
APU auxiliary power unit
ARAC Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Inc.
ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARSR air route surveillance radar (USA)
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center (USA)
ASA Aviation Safety Advisory
ASB Alert Service Bulletin
ASC automatic systems control
ASCP air systems control panel
ASDE airport surface detection equipment
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASIL Aviation Safety Information Letter
asl above sea level
ASN assigned serial number
ASR Aviation Safety Recommendation
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ASTRAC Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ATA Air Transport Association
ATC air traffic control
ATIS automatic terminal information service
ATPL airline transport pilot licence
ATS air traffic services
AU avionics upper [panel]
AVI Audio-Video Interleave [Microsoft]
AWG American Wire Gauge


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BDN broadband distribution network
BEA Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Securité de l'Aviation Civile (France)
BIO Bedford Institute of Oceanography


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14 CFR Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (USA)
°C degree(s), Celsius
CAA civil aviation authority
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAC center accessory compartment
CAD computer-aided design
CAM cockpit area microphone
CANMET Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology
CARAC Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council
CARs Canadian Aviation Regulations
CASS Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System
CAVOK ceiling and visibility OK
CB circuit breaker
CC cluster controller
cc cubic centimetre
CCA circuit card assembly
CCG Canadian Coast Guard
CCGS Canadian Coast Guard Ship
CDR critical design review
CEA Central Engineering Agency
CEM Cabin Emergency Manual
CF Canadian Forces
CFAV Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFD computational fluid dynamics
CFM cubic feet per minute
CFR Code of Federal Regulations (USA)
CFS cabin file server
CHS Canadian Hydrographic Services
cm centimetre
CME Chief Medical Examiner
CMU communications management unit
C of G centre of gravity
COMPT compartment
CPD circuit protection (or protective) device
CPU central processing unit
CRE component responsible engineering
CRES corrosion resistant
CRM cockpit (or crew) resource management
CRP communication radio panel
CSD certification supporting document
CSR Canadian Seabed Research
CSRTG Cabin Safety Research Technical Group
CTIU cabin telephone interface unit
CUMA Canadian Underwater Mine-countermeasures Apparatus
CVFR controlled visual flight rules
CVIS cabin video information system
CVR cockpit voice recorder
CYAW Halifax Shearwater Airport (Nova Scotia)
CYHZ Halifax International Airport (Nova Scotia)
CYQI Yarmouth Airport (Nova Scotia)
CYQM Greater Moncton Airport (New Brunswick)


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D energy density expressed in J/m2
DAS Designated Alteration Station
DAU disk array unit
dB decibel
dBi decibel isotropic
dBm decibel referenced to 1 milliwatt
dBZ a unit of radar reflectivity used in meteorology
DC direct current
DCAS digitally controlled audio system
DDS The FAA's DAS, DOA, and SFAR 36 Program
DEU display electronic unit
DFDAU digital flight data acquisition unit
DFDR digital flight data recorder
DFO Department of Fisheries and Oceans
DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm
DITS digital information transfer system
DME distance measuring equipment
DMS Douglas Material Specification
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
DND Department of National Defence
DOA Delegation Option Authorization
DPS Douglas Process Standard
DREA Defence Research Establishment Atlantic
DSIS Deep Seabed Intervention System
DTL Decorative PVF laminate
DTM digital terrain model
DU display unit


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E electric field strength
E&E electrical and electronic equipment
EAD engine and alert display
EAPAS Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Systems
EC Environment Canada
ECM electronic countermeasures
EDP engine-driven hydraulic pump
EDT eastern daylight savings time
EEC electronic engine control
EEPROM electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
EIRP effective isotropic radiated power
EIS electronic instrument system
ELA electrical load analysis
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMO Emergency Measures Organization (or Office)
EO engineering order
EPC Emergency Preparedness Canada
EPCU electrical power control unit
EPR engine pressure ratio
ESC environmental system controller
ETFE ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene
ETOPS Extended Range Twin Engine Operations
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EXT extended


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°F degree(s), Fahrenheit
F/A flight attendant
FA1W Northeast Region Area Forecast
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
FACN35 Canadian area forecast, District 35
FADEC full-authority digital electronic control
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation (USA)
FAUS5 US Area Forecast
FBS fixed-base simulator
FBV French Bureau Veritas
FCC flight control computer
FCOM Flight Crew Operating Manual
FCP flight control panel
FCRL flight crew reading light
FD flight director
FDAU flight data acquisition unit
FDCU fire detection control unit
FDM Flight Data Monitoring
FDR flight data recorder
FDU(A) Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic)
FE flap extension
FEP fluorinated ethylene-propylene [resin]
FH flight hours
FIB focused ion beam
FL flight level
FMA flight mode annunciator
FMC flight management computer
FMS flight management system
FMU fuel metering unit
FO first officer
FOC Flight Operations Centre (Swissair)
FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation (Switzerland)
FOCUS flight operations computer system
FOEB Flight Operations Evaluation Board
FOO flight operations officer
FOQA flight operational quality assurance
fpm feet per minute
FR fluid-resistant [primer paint]
FS frame station
FSAW Flight Standards Information Bulletin for Airworthiness
FSB Flight Standardization Board
FSC fuel system controller
FSEG Fire Safety Engineering Group - University of Greenwich
FSR field service representative
FSS flight service station
ft. foot (feet)
FWD forward


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g gravity
GB gigabyte
GB Swissair General/Basics: Flight Crew [manual]
GCU generator control unit
GES ground earth station
GHz gigahertz
GIS Geographic Information System
gpm gallons per minute


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h hour(s)
HCU hydraulic control unit
HDD hard-disk drive
HDS Halon Distribution System
HDU head-end distribution unit
HF high frequency
HI Hollingsead International
HIRF high-intensity radiated field
HMCS Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMU hydro-mechanical unit
HPC high-pressure compressor
HPT high-pressure turbine
HSC hydraulic system controller
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
Hz hertz


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IAS indicated airspeed
IC integrated circuit
ICA Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IDG integrated-drive generator
IDN identification number
IFE in-flight entertainment
IFEN in-flight entertainment network [the IFE system of Interactive Flight Technologies]
IFR instrument flight rules
IFT Interactive Flight Technologies
IGV inlet guide vanes
IIC investigator-in-charge
ILS instrument landing system
IMC instrument meteorological conditions
in. inch(es)
in. Hg inches of mercury
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue
IRU inertial reference unit
ISE International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISOL isolation
ISVD in-seat video display
IVR image-based virtual reality


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J joule
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements
JCAB Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan
JFK John F. Kennedy [International Airport] (New York)


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kB kilobyte
KBGR Bangor International Airport (Maine)
KBOS General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (Massachusetts)
kg kilogram
kHz kilohertz
KIAS knots indicated airspeed
km kilometre(s)
kPa kilopascal(s)
kt knot(s)
kV kilovolt(s)
kVA kilovolt-ampere
kW kilowatt(s)


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L litre
L/min litres per minute
LAACO Los Angeles Aircraft Certification Office
LAN local area network
lat. latitude
LAV lavatory
lb pound(s)
lb/min pound(s) per minute
lbf pound force
LCD liquid crystal display
LEAF Laser Environmental Airborne Fluorosensor
LKP last known position
LLS laser line scan
LLSG Geneva International Airport (Switzerland)
LOI Letter of Intent
long. longitude
LOPA Layout of Passenger Accommodation
LP low pressure
LPC low-pressure compressor
LPT low-pressure turbine
LRU line replaceable unit
LRW Laurentides
LSAS longitudinal stability augmentation system
LVDT linear variable differential transducer


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M Mach number
°M degree(s), magnetic compass
m metre
MAC mean aerodynamic chord
MACZFW mean aerodynamic chord zero fuel weight
MANOPS [ATC] Manual of Operations
MAPRC modified aromatic polyimide resin coating
MAR main avionics rack
MB megabyte
M/C maître de cabine
MCDU multifunction control display unit
MCU Major Crimes Unit
MD McDonnell Douglas
MDC McDonnell Douglas Corporation
MDF main debris field
MDL master data list
METAR aviation routine weather report
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation
MHz megahertz
mi. mile(s)
MIDO Manufacturing Inspection District Office
MIL military [standard]
min minute(s)
mJ millijoule
mL millilitre(s)
MM maintenance manual
mm millimetre(s)
MO Modification Order
MOC Military Operations Centre
MOE maintenance organization exposition
MPEG Motion Pictures Experts Group
MPET metallized polyethylene terephthalate
MPVF metallized polyvinyl fluoride
MRB Maintenance Review Board
ms milliseconds
MSC miscellaneous system controller
MSEP Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
msl mean sea level
MTEB management terminal electronic box
MTOW maximum take-off weight
MU management unit
mV millivolt
MVD management video display
MW megawatt


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N/A not applicable
N/C no change
N1 rotational speed of the low-pressure compressor in rpm or % rpm
N1c2 corrected low-pressure rotor speed (derived from Tt2)
N2 rotational speed of the high-pressure compressor in rpm or % rpm
N2c2 corrected high-pressure rotor speed (derived from Tt2)
NARDS Nav Canada Auxilliary Radar Display System
NAV navigation
NAVAID navigational aid
NCD no computed data
ND navigation display
NDB non-directional [radio] beacon
NDU no data update
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
nm nautical mile(s)
NORDO no radio (absence or failure of radio equipment)
NPR National Program Review
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NRMP non-reversible motor pump
NS TPW Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Works
NSU network switching unit
NTO no technical objection
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (USA)
NVM non-volatile memory
NWS National Weather Service


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OCME Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
OCR optical character recognition
OD outside diameter
ODA Organizational Designation Authorization
OIG Office of the Inspector General (USA)
oz ounce(s)


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P/B push button
PA passenger address
Pamb pressure, ambient
PBE protective breathing equipment
PBR planning based on re-clearance
PET polyethylene terephthalate
PF pilot flying
PFD primary flight display
PIC pilot-in-command
PIREP pilot report (of in-flight conditions)
PMA Parts Manufacturing Approval
PMA permanent magnet alternator
PN part number
PNF pilot not flying
PSEU proximity sensor electronic unit
psi pounds per square inch
psia pounds per square inch absolute [pressure]
psig pounds per square inch gauge
PSU power supply unit
Pt2 fan inlet total pressure
Pt4.95 total pressure at station 4.95 (exhaust)
PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
PTT push-to-talk
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PVF polyvinyl fluoride
PVF2 polyvinylidene fluoride
PWGSC Public Works and Government Services Canada


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QA quality assurance
QAR quick access recorder
QN Queen of the Netherlands (name of dredge ship)
QNH altimeter setting that references the indicated altitude to sea level


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R&D research and development
RA radio altimeter
RAM random access memory
RCC Rescue Co-ordination Centre
RCCB remote control circuit breaker
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RF radio frequency
RGS remote ground station
RMP reversible motor pump
ROV remotely operated vehicle
rpm revolutions per minute
RPT Radiant Panel Test
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics


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s second(s)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAI standby attitude indicator
SAR search and rescue
SARP International Standards and Recommended Practices
SATCOM satellite communications
SB Service Bulletin
SBA Santa Barbara Aerospace
SCN Specification Change Notice
SCP system control panel
SCR Special Certification Review
SCU supplemental control unit
SD system display
SDCP system display control panel
SDR Service Difficulty Report
SDU satellite data unit
SDU seat disconnect unit (in discussion of IFEN system)
SEB seat electronic box
SFAR Special Federal Aviation Regulation (USA)
SGC Site Group Chairperson
SID standard instrument departure
SIGMET significant meteorological information
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (Airline Telecommunication and Information Services)
SL Service Letter
sm statute mile(s)
SN serial number
SPOT satellite pour l'observation de la terre
SR 111 Swissair Flight 111
SRM Structural Repair Manual
SSS side scan sonar
STA manufacturing station
STAR standard terminal arrival route
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
SVA stator vane actuator
SWR Swiss Air Transport Company Ltd. (ATC designation)


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°T degree(s), True
t tonne
TAF terminal aerodrome forecast
TAS true airspeed
TAT total air temperature
TBD to be determined
TC Transport Canada
TCA terminal control area
TCAS traffic alert and collision-avoidance system
TCJC temperature, cold junction, Celsius
TEC turbine exhaust case
TED trailing edge down
TEL trailing edge left
TEM transmission electron microscopy
TER trailing edge right
TEU trailing edge up
TO Technical Order
torr Torricelli, a non-metric unit of pressure equal to 1/760 atmosphere
TOW take-off weight
TR transformer rectifier
TRA throttle resolver angle
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada
TSO Technical Standard Order
Tt2 total temperature of the air at Station 2 (compressor inlet)
Tt4.95 total temperature at Station 4.95 (exhaust)
TWA Trans World Airlines


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U/S unserviceable
UL Underwriter's Laboratory
ULB underwater locator beacon
URT Underwater Recovery Team
US United States
USA United States of America
USN United States Navy
USS United States Ship
UTC Coordinated Universal Time


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V volt(s)
VA volt-ampere
VES video entertainment system
VHF very high frequency
VMC visual meteorological conditions
Vmin FMC-calculated minimum operating speed
VOD video on demand
VOR very high-frequency omni-directional range [beacon]
VSV variable stator vane
VTR video tape recorder
VTU verbal thought unit


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W watt
WAN wide area network
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual
WS Work Statement


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XL-ETFE cross-linked ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene


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Z Zulu [time] (equivalent to UTC)
ZFW zero fuel weight


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Å Angstrom
l lambda (wavelength)
µm micrometre(s)
ø phase
p pi (3.1416)
' minute(s)
" second(s)
° degree(s)

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