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         Ascent Aspirations Publishing

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         Ascent Aspirations Publishing is an independent publisher that has been publishing the electronic magazine Ascent Aspirations since 1997. Ascent Aspirations Publishing is now formally established as a small press business as of January 2005. Our mission is to provide established and aspiring writers both an electronic and a print venue for their creative work.

         As a literary press we are committed to producing quality poetry, short fiction and flash fiction by authors world-wide in collections and anthologies. We are starting small and hoping to grow as the years unfold. Our first collection is Going to the Well by poet and short fiction writer, David Fraser. Our second is an anthology of poetry from contributors to Ascent Aspirations Magazine. This anthology will be the Premier Print Edition for Ascent Aspirations Magazine after a long history of publishing quarterly electronic issues since 1997. Our second collection which will be due out in the late spring of 2005 is a collection of short fiction, The Dark Side of the Billboard by David Fraser. One future project, Ascent Aspirations Magazine Windfire Anthology will be an anthology of poetry and flash fiction and will represent Ascent Aspirations Magazine's second print issue. Below you will find titles in print and future titles scheduled for 2005 and onward.

         Note: Due to increasing costs of production and distribution, the prices listed are subject to change without notice.

                            Going to the Well, a collection of Poetry by David Fraser, front cover

               Going to the Well

              A collection of poetry by David Fraser

         Ascent Aspirations Magazine Premier Print Issue Cover

              Ascent Aspirations

              Premier Print Edition

          Ascent Aspirations Magazine

              To be published Fall 2005

         The Dark side of the Billboard, a collection of short fiction by David Fraser, front cover

              The Dark Side of the Billboard

              A collection of short fiction

              by David Fraser

              To be published Fall 2005

         Windfire, Ascent Aspirations magazine second print issue, front cover

              Windfire Anthology

              The Second Print Issue of

              Ascent Aspirations Magazine

              To be published Winter 2006