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le 23 mars 1999 / March 23, 1999

JAMC 1999; 160(6)

© 1999 Association médicale canadienne / Canadian Medical Association

Dans ce numéro · In this issue

    Communiqué de presse
    Sujets d'intérêt

Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef
La tuberculose, que l'on croyait reléguée au passé, du moins en Amérique du Nord, réapparaît dans divers groupes à risque élevé. Nous soulignons la Journée mondiale de la tuberculose (le 24 mars) par la publication de rapports issus des premières lignes de la lutte médicale contre la tuberculose (pages 789, 799 et 821), ainsi que du premier article de notre série Principes cliniques portant sur cette maladie (page 837).
La Journée mondiale de la tuberculose

769 Nouvelles et analyses · News and analysis
777 Correspondance · Letters
Directives aux correspondants / Instructions to correspondents
  Études · Evidence
789 Outcome of pulmonary tuberculosis treatment in the tertiary care setting — Toronto 1992/93, W. Wobeser, L. Yuan, M. Naus, and the Tuberculosis Treatment Completion Study Group [full text / résumé]
799 Prevalence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among injection drug users in Toronto, I.D. Rusen, L. Yuan, M.E. Millson [full text / résumé]
805 Direct costs of coronary artery bypass grafting in patients aged 65 years or more and those under age 65, G. Naglie, C. Tansey, M.D. Krahn, K. O'Rourke, A.S. Detsky, H. Bolley [abstract / résumé]

  Exposés de recherche · Research letters
815 Provision of intrapartum care by GP/FPs in Canada: an update, C. Levitt, J. Kaczorowski [full text]
816 Alternative and complementary medicine in Canadian medical schools: a survey, J. Ruedy, D.M. Kaufman, H. MacLeod [full text]
818 Body size, not sex, is responsible for differences in type of dialysis, C. Florakas, M. Godwin, R. Morton, R. Wilson, E. Toffelmire [full text]

  Éditoriaux · Editorials
821 Optimizing tuberculosis control in the inner city, J.M. FitzGerald [full text]
823 Coronary artery bypass grafting in elderly patients: the price of success, E.A. Cohen [full text]
825 Research letters in CMAJ, K.S. Joseph, J. Hoey [full text]
826 Improving outcomes for patients with schizophrenia: new hope for an old illness, M.V. Seeman [full text]
828 Sex or body size? Selection of dialysis type revisited, A. Levin [full text]

  Éducation · Education
833 Prostate cancer: 13. Whose prostate is it anyway? The view from the other side of the examining table, R.E. Gray, A. Philbrook [full text]
837 Tuberculosis: 1. Introduction, A. Fanning [full text in HTML / full text in HTML]
843 Improving outcome in schizophrenia: the case for early intervention, A.K. Malla, R.M.G. Norman, L.P. Voruganti [full text]
849 An appreciation of A.E. Malloch, MB, MD (1844–1919): a forgotten surgical pioneer, J.K. Houston [full text / résumé]
857 Active and passive euthanasia: the cases of Drs. Claudio Alberto de la Rocha and Nancy Morrison, D. Gorman [full text / in brief]

  Santé publique · Public health
865 Mumps in the era of vaccines, C.E. Caplan [full text]

869 De l'Oreille Gauche · The Left Atrium ·
873 OSLER marks first birthday with contest, D. Green

  Chroniques · Features
877 Huge court fight may be in offing as Ontario college considers penalty for maverick MD, C. Gray [full text / in brief]
883 Antivaccine advocates line up to support airman, R. Cairney [full text]
884 How many concussions are too many?, H. Kent [full text]
885 Dictation software: We're not there yet, R. Patterson [full text]
889 Military set to offer large signing bonuses, higher pay in face of unprecedented MD staffing crisis, P. Sullivan [full text]
892 Lack of time for communication creating "cycles of misinformation" about use of antibiotics, H. Kent
894 Protease inhibitors raising quality-of-life issues for HIV patients, A. Silversides
896 Every MD will soon have unique "cradle-to-grave" identifying number, S. Wharry [full text]
898 Calgary home to country's first comprehensive vascular birthmark clinic, B. Sibbald

  Gens de cœur · Heart and Soul
964 Taking a stand where others won't, A. Silversides [full text]