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le 16 octobre 2001
le 16 octobre 2001 / October 16, 2001

CMAJ  2001 :165(8)

Le poète W.B. Yeats imaginait l'histoire de l'humanité comme une série de tourbillons de violence. Dans ce numéro, la rédaction du JAMC réfléchit aux répercussions tragiques des attaques terroristes du 11 septembre 2001 (page 997, page 1076 and page 1082).

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  Éditorial • Editorial
997 The widening gyre: reflections on September 11
999 Le faucon de la violence — réflexions sur le 11 septembre

1003 Correspondance • Letters
Directives aux correspondants
  • Seed implant brachytherapy for prostate cancer — R. Halperin [HTML / PDF]; D. D'Souza, M.J. Zelefsky [HTML / PDF]; response: J. Crook, H. Lukka [HTML / PDF]
  • Who should foot the bill for continuing review of research? — J. Mendelson, F. Cantini [HTML / PDF]; response: C. Weijer [HTML / PDF]
  • Have 'scope, will travel — S.N. Sullivan [HTML / PDF]
  • Dealing with measles — L. Kiefer [HTML / PDF]
  • Air travel and thromboembolism — M.J. Mant [HTML / PDF]
  • Our family medicine crisis — R. McElroy [HTML / PDF]
  • Funding of global health research [Correction]

  Recherche • Research
1011 Impact of reference-based pricing of nitrates on the use and costs of anti-anginal drugs
P.V. Grootendorst, L.R. Dolovich, B.J. O'Brien, A.M. Holbrook, A.R. Levy
1023 Oral contraceptive use and bone mineral density in premenopausal women: cross-sectional, population-based data from the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study
J.C. Prior, S.A. Kirkland, L. Joseph, N. Kreiger, T.M. Murray, D.A. Hanley, J.D. Adachi, Y.M. Vigna, C. Berger, L. Blondeau, S.A. Jackson, A. Tenenhouse, for the CaMOS Research Group
1033 Changing trends in mortality and admissions to hospital for elderly patients with congestive heart failure in Montreal
D. Ehrmann Feldman, C. Thivierge, L. Guérard, V. Déry, C. Kapetanakis, G. Lavoie, E.J. Beck
1039 Medical and nonmedical stimulant use among adolescents: from sanctioned to unsanctioned use
C. Poulin

  Exposé de recherche • Research Letter
1049 Heavy users of emergency services: a population-based review
H.J. Ovens, B.T.B. Chan

  Commentaire • Commentary
1053 Congestive heart failure: What can we offer our patients?
W.J. Kostuk
1055 Otitis media with effusion in infants: Is screening and treatment with ventilation tubes necessary?
M.M. Rovers, K. Ingels, G.J. van der Wilt, G.A. Zielhuis, P. van den Broek
1059 The modern scientific physician: 5. The useful property of an intervention
O.S. Miettinen
1063 The frequency and significance of isolated hepatitis B core antibody and the suggested management of patients
K.A. Al-Mekhaizeem, M. Miriello, A.H. Sherker

  Synthèse • Review
1067 Respiratory day hospital: a novel approach to acute respiratory care
K. Schwartzman, G. Duquette, M. Zaoudé, M.-J. Dion, M.-A. Lagacé, J. Poitras, M.G. Cosio

1073 De l'oreille gauche • The Left Atrium [HTML]
  • Cost and effect (book review by J. Hurley) [PDF]
  • A postcard from MSF [PDF]
  • M. Leith on the psychology of war [PDF]
  • A.M. Todkill rereads William Butler Yeats [PDF]

1081 Nouvelles • News
  • London calling Canadian and other countries' physicians [HTML / PDF]
  • More challenges on horizon for CMPA? [HTML / PDF]
  • "Move or die": a strained people face the prospect of yet more war [HTML / PDF]
  • Quebec doctors rally to protect Middle Eastern medical residents after attack [HTML / PDF]
  • Ending the blame game key to overcoming medical error [HTML / PDF]
  • US agencies policing Internet for health care fraud [HTML / PDF]
  • FP uses PDA to ease angina diagnosis [HTML / PDF]
  • New Brunswick's physician-management plan constitutional: court [HTML / PDF]
  • On the Net: Medical error and patient safety [HTML / PDF]
  • PEI court strikes down zero-tolerance law for MD relationships [HTML / PDF]
  • Pulse: Health system worries know no borders [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical Update: Pacifiers, breastfeeding and soothing [HTML / PDF]
  • Preventive Health Care: Screening for otitis media with effusion [HTML / PDF]
  • Public Health: Emergency contraception: a matter of dedication and access [HTML / PDF]

1175 Nécrologie • Deaths


  Gens de cœur • Heart & Soul
1176 From a 2-room schoolhouse to telemedicine
B. Ryan

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