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Canadian Medical Association Journal

Sending a letter for publication in CMAJ?

CMAJ will consider for publication letters to the editor on current issues in Canadian medicine, as well as letters commenting on articles published in CMAJ within the previous 2 months. To further foster timely discussion and debate, we will expedite the processing of letters arriving by email that comment on CMAJ articles; if accepted, the letters will be posted after editing in CMAJ Readers' Forum before appearing in print. Bear in mind that a letter written in haste, without attention to principles of effective communication, will undoubtedly take longer to evaluate and edit and might be rejected on these grounds.

Letters should not exceed 300 words and must not duplicate material being submitted elsewhere or already published. CMAJ corresponds only with the authors of accepted letters. Rejected letters are destroyed. Accepted letters are subject to editing and abridgement.

  • Snail mail or courier delivery: Letters sent by snail mail or courier must be submitted in duplicate and printed in letter-quality type without proportional spacing to facilitate scanning. Do not submit a letter by fax.

  • Email delivery: Letters sent by email should be addressed to pubs@cma.ca. Please include the telephone and fax numbers of the author(s) along with a statement giving or denying CMAJ permission to publish the email address(es) of the author(s). A copy of the letter, signed by each author, must be sent subsequently by fax or mail.