Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

January 1, 1995 / 1er janvier 1995

CMAJ 1995; 152 (1)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
7- New year, new look; Nouvelle année, nouveau style, B.P.Squires

Editorial / Éditorial
21 - Injury prevention: The time has come, R. Cushman [abstract / résumé]

Statistics / Statistique
27 - Basic statistics for clinicians: 1. Hypothesis testing, G. Guyatt, R. Jaeschke, N. Heddle, D. Cook, H. Shannon, S. Walter [full text]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
37 - Radiographic abnormalities and the risk of lung cancer among workers exposed to silica dust in Ontario, M.M. Finkelstein [abstract / résumé]
45 - Bicyclist and environmental factors associated with fatal bicycle-related trauma in Ontario, B.H. Rowe, A.M. Rowe, G.W. Bota [abstract / résumé]

Clinical Digest
61 - Interactions with warfarin; Health promotion improves well-being of patients with angina; Coronary angioplasty versus bypass surgery

Sélection d'articles cliniques
63 - Interactions avec la warfarine; La promotion de la santé améliore le bien-être des patients souffrant d'angine; Angioplastie coronarienne et pontage

Special Supplement / Supplément spécial
65 - Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Newsletter
69 - Bulletin canadien sur les effets indésirables des médicaments

At A Glance / Aperçu - 75

Trends / Tendances
77 - Society needs MD-assisted death, Canadian-trained medical director of US right-to-die society says, L. Sears Williams

Perspectives / Optique
84 - I am 60 and I have cancer; R. Evason

Meetings / Rencontres
87 - Few Canadian hospitals qualify for "Baby Friendly" designation by promoting breast-feeding: survey, M. Dunlop [abstract / résumé]

Vista / Panorama
90 - Who is worse? Fanatics or their followers? D. Waugh

Legislation / Législation
91 - Oregon vote may mark watershed for right-to-die debate in Canada, US, A. Mullens

Health Policy / Politique de la santé
93 - Audience sceptical as critic challenges current system for pay Canada's MDs, P. Sullivan

Association News / À l'écoute de l'AMC
95 - Evolution or revolution? New committee to play key role in determining pace of change at CMA, J. Rafuse [abstract / résumé]

Commentary / Commentaire
98 - Physician-led committee tackles youth-violence problem in one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, J. O'Brien-Bell

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