Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

February 1, 1995 / 1er février 1995

CMAJ 1994; 152 (3)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
319 - AIDS and education; SIDA et éducation, B.P. Squires

Letters / Correspondance - 323

Editorial / Éditorial
337 - Home versus hospital death: assessment of preferences and clinical challenges, D.J. Dudgeon, L. Kristjanson [abstract / résumé]

Current Review / Actualités
343 - Safety and effectiveness of the new inactivated hepatitis A virus vaccine, J. Furesz, D.W. Scheifele, L. Palkonyay [abstract / résumé]
351 - Basic statistics for clinicians: 3. Assessing the effects of treatment: measures of association, R. Jaeschke, G. Guyatt, H. Shannon, S. Walter, D. Cook, N. Heddle [full text]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
361 - Factors associated with location of death (home or hospital) of patients referred to a palliative care team, I.R. McWhinney, M.J. Bass, V. Orr [abstract / résumé]
371 - Grand rounds: a paradox in medical education, R.M. Lewkonia, F.R. Murray [abstract / résumé]

From the CCDR / Du RMTC
379 - Statement on travellers and HIV/AIDS [full text]
381 - Déclaration relative aux voyageurs infectés par le VIH ou atteints du SIDA [texte complet]

At a Glance / Aperçu - 385

Cover Story / En manchette
387 - Off the prescription pad and over the counter: the trend toward drug deregulation grows, P. Morgan, L. Cohen [abstract / résumé]

Viewpoint / Point de vue
392 - It is time for organized medicine to put out the welcome mat for women, R. Burns

Gender Issues / Questions spécifiques aux sexes
394 - Furore over language, shortage of women leaders signs of need for change at CMA, committee says, J. Rafuse

Medical Practice / Pratique médicale
398 - Staffing shortfall plagues radiation oncology, S. Thorne

Special Report / Document
402 - "Scientific" chiropractors hope to improve status of chiropractic within scientific community, F. Lowry

Special Report / Document
405 - Proposal for Canadian-style single-payer health care receives cool reception in US, M. Korcok

Health Care / Les soins
410 - University researchers propose major reforms to cut health care costs, J. Rafuse [abstract / résumé]

Vista / Panorama
413 - The global village in a place setting, D. Waugh

Education / Éducation
414 - U of T medical school uses multistep strategy to prevent sexual harassment, H. Koba

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