Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

Feb. 15, 1996 / Le 15 févr. 1996

CMAJ 1996; 154 (4)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
439 - Peer review; L'examen critique par les pairs, P. Huston

299 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

Advances in Genetics / Progrès en génétique
457 - A sociobehavioural perspective on genetic testing and counselling for heritable breast, ovarian and colon cancer, K.G. Macdonald, B. Doan, M. Kelner, K.M. Taylor [abstract / résumé]

Clinical Practice Guidelines / Guides de pratique clinique
465 - Periodic health examination, 1996 update: 1. Prenatal screening for and diagnosis of Down syndrome, PT. Dick with the Canadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination [full text / résumé]
483 - Recommendations for ensuring early thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction, The Heart and Stoke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Canadian Associatioin of Emergency Physicians, for the Emergency Cardiac Care Coalition [full text / résumé]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
491 - Has laparoscopic cholecystectomy changed patterns of practice and patient outcome in Ontario?, M.M. Cohen, W. Young, M.-E. Thériault, R. Hernandez [abstract / résumé]
503 - Adverse events temporally associated with meningococcal vaccines, A. Yergeau, L. Alain, R. Pless, Y. Robert [abstract / résumé]

Editorial / Éditorial
509 - Initiating thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction: Whose job is it anyway? [full text / résumé]

Science in Medicine / Science médicale
515 - An artificial heart with the right connection, A. Robinson [abstract / résumé]

527 - International Digest

529 - Sélection internationale

539 - At a Glance / Aperçu

Capital Accounts / Nouvelles de la capitale
541 - Buffeted by harsh economic winds, medical schools turn a wary eye to the future [abstract; résumé]

Perspectives / Optique
544 - The ethical dilemma of seeking appropriate CME sessions in February [abstract; résumé]

Meetings / Rencontres
547 - Future of medicare system on the table as forums spark debate across country, E. LeBourdais [abstract; résumé]

Conference / Conférence
549 - Larger private-sector role in health care needed now, think tank warns, F. Lowry [abstract; résumé]

Special Report / Document
554 - Ontario's accelerated war against medicre misuse another sign of leaner health care times, M. Korcok [abstract; résumé]
557 - Jehovah's Witnesses leading education drive as hospitals adjust to No Blood requests, N. Robb [full text]

Forensic Science / Médecine légale
561 - Newfoundland pathologist driving force as province finally adopts medical examiner's act, J. Gushue[abstract; résumé]

544- Deaths

Logie Essay / Dissertation Logie
568 - Medical ethics and truth telling in the case of androgen sensitivity syndrome, A. Natarajan[full text; résumé]

Medical Practice / Pratique médicale
571 - Social isolation can be major factor if patients are unable to deal with stress, researcher says, O. Lechky [abstract; résumé]

CMA Policy Summary / Sommaire de politique de l'AMC
572A - Regionalization [full text]
572C - Régionalisation[texte complet]

The Law / Questions juridiques
573 - Pretrial preparations can improve a physician's value as an expert witness, T. Daley [full text; résumé]

Case File / Dossier juridique
576 - New laws mean MDs must keep up to date on living-will and related legislation, K. Capen [full text; résumé]

452 - Conferences / Conférences

521 - Books and Other Media / Livres et autres documents

534 - Directory of CMA Contacts

535 - Répertoire des personnes-ressources de l'AMC

536 - Service Information / Renseignements aux lecteurs

579 - Therapeutic Index / Index thérapeutique

605 - Classified Advertising / Annonces classées

616 - Advertisers' Index / Index des annonceurs

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