Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

July 1 / Le 1er juillet 1996

CMAJ 1996; 155 (1)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
7 - Our mission; Notre mandat, P. Huston

11 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

Clinical Practice Guidelines / Guides de pratique clinique
25 - Guidelines for the emergency management of asthma in adults, R. C. Beveridge, A. F. Grunfeld, R. V. Hodder, P. R. Verbeek for the CAEP/CTS Asthma Advisory Committee [full text / résumé]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
39 - Neurosurgery workforce in Canada, 1996 to 2011, H. Hugenholtz [abstract / résumé]

Editorial / Éditorial
53 - The XI International Conference on AIDS: at the crossroads of hope and urgency, M. T. Schechter [full text / résumé]

From the CCDR / Du RMTC
61 - Travel statement on jet lag
64 - Le déclarage horaire

Special Supplement / Supplément spécial
77 - An evidence-based approach to prescribing NSAIDs in musculoskeletal disease: a Canadian consensus, H. Tannenbaum, P. Davis, A. S. Russell, M. H. Atkinson, W. Maksymowych, S. H.K. Huang, M. Bell, G. A. Hawker, A. Juby, S. Vanner, J., Canadian NSAID Consensus Participants [full text]

89 - At a Glance / Aperçu

Perspectives / Optique
91 - The reality of despair: AIDS in Malawi, D. Needham [in brief / en bref]

Vista / Panorama
93 - Working for nothing: a tradition continues, D. Waugh

Conference / Conférence
96 - BC, Ontario taking different routes in trying to lower drug costs, A. Silversides [in brief / en bref]

Meetings / Rencontres
98 - Prepare for more collaboration with other professionals, Manitoba FPs told, J. Stewart [in brief / en bref]

Health Care / Les soins
101 - Northern Ontario MDs seek solution to region's huge accidental-death toll, T. Spears [in brief / en bref]

International Medicine / Médicine internationale
103 - Treatment of psychiatric problems a growth industry in midst of Chile's booming economy, L. Sagaris [in brief / en bref]

Conference / Conférence
106 - Politician, MDs offer educators opinions on managing unprecedented health care change, R. Cairney [full text / en bref]

Special Report / Document
109 - Suicide totals for MDs sad reminder of stresses facing medicine, conference told, C. Johnston [in brief / en bref]

Association News / À l'écoute de l'AMC
112 - Society of Rural Physicians, CMA produce journal aimed at rural MDs, S. Wharry [full text / en bref]

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