Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

September 15, 1996 / Le 15 septembre 1996

CMAJ 1996; 155 (6)

Contents / Table des matières

623 - Publisher's Page / Page de l'éditeur
Our new editor-in-chief; Notre nouveau rédacteur en chef, S. Prudhomme

627 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

639 - History of Medicine / Histoire de la médecine
Biomedical research in Quebec: the history of the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec, J. Genest [abstract / résumé]

647 - Special Article / Article spécial
The repressed memory controversy: Is there middle ground?, P.S. Penfold [abstract / résumé]

657 - Ethical Issues / Éthique et déontologie
Bioethics for clinicians: 3. Capacity, E. Etchells, G. Sharpe, C. Elliott, P.A. Singer [full text / résumé]

665 - Computer Technology / Informatique
The anatomy of online information for physicians, D.N. Mendelson, J. Levinson, D.S. Gaylin [full text / résumé]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
679 - Management of the early and late presentations of rheumatoid arthritis: a survey of Ontario primary care physicians, R.H. Glazier, D.M. Dalby, E.M. Badley, G.A. Hawker, M.J. Bell, R. Buchbinder, S.C. Lineker [abstract / résumé]

691 - Recognizing and investigating iron-deficiency anemia in hospitalized elderly people, M.J. Smieja, D.J. Cook, D.L. Hunt, M.A.M. Ali, G.H. Guyatt [abstract / résumé]

697 - Appropriateness of primary total hip and knee replacements in regions of Ontario with high and low utilization rates, C. van Walraven, J.M. Paterson, M. Kapral, B. Chan, M. Bell, G. Hawker, J. Gollish, J. Schatzker, J.I. Williams, C.D. Naylor [abstract / résumé]

Editorials / Éditoriaux
709 - Gay, lesbian and bisexual health care issues and medical curricula, G. Robinson, M. Cohen [full text / résumé]

712 - Powerful politics at the XI International Conference on AIDS, D.J. Walters [abstract / résumé]

717 - Science in Medicine / Science médicale
Hope and caution: report from the XI International Conference on AIDS, P.B. Berger [abstract / résumé]

733 - International Digest

735 - Sélection internationale

737 - Image of the Profession / L'image de la profession
The country doctor; Le médecin de campagne, W.D. Seufert

741 - At a Glance / Aperçu

744 - Association News / À l'écoute de l'AMC
Future of health care dominates meeting as CMA urges governments to fix "system in crisis", P. Sullivan [full text / en bref]

749 - Trends / Tendances
Private-sector share of health spending hits record level, J. Rafuse [in brief / en bref]

751 - Capital Accounts / Nouvelles de la capitale
Physician fury mounts in Ontario as MDs seethe over cuts, prepare to take on government, C. Gray [in brief / en bref]

757 - Special Report / Document
Dr. Tom Chalmers, 1917­1995: the trials of a randomizer, M. Maclure [in brief / en bref]

761 - Vista / Panorama
Is Jack Kevorkian a hero?, D. Waugh

765 - Cover Story / En manchette
Medical schools seek to overcome "invisibility" of gay patients, gay issues in curriculum, N. Robb [full text / en bref]

772 - Viewpoint / Point de vue
"Drug may have caused huge number of deaths": lessons learned during an encounter with the fifth estate, M. Myers [in brief / en bref]

778 - Ethics / Ethique
Physicians, limited resources and liability, E.-H. Kluge [full text / en bref]

780 - Trends / Tendances
Canadian neurosurgeon helps prove that robots, surgery "are made to be partners", R. Burford Mason [in brief / en bref]

784 - Association News / À l'écoute de l'AMC
New joint policy spells out MD, pharmacist roles in provision of drug therapy, A. Carter, M. Colbran Smith [full text / en bref]

CMA Policy Summary / Sommaire de politique de l'AMC
784A - Approaches to enhancing the quality of drug therapy: a joint statement by the CMA and the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association

784D - Stratégie d'amélioration de la pharmacothérapie : déclaration conjointe de l'AMC et de l'Association pharmaceutique canadienne

789 - Special Report / Document
"Democracy was never intended for degenerates": Alberta's flirtation with eugenics comes back to haunt it, R. Cairney [in brief / en bref]

785 - Education / Éducation
A summer in India, E. Weir [in brief / en bref]

793 - Health Care / Les soins
BC ear bank a victim of its own success as demand begins to outstrip supply, A. Tempelman-Kluit [in brief / en bref]

795 - Deaths / Avis de décès

796 - Perspectives / Optique
Jury of my peers, J. Nisker [in brief / en bref]

635 - Conferences / Conférences

725 - Books and Other Media / Livres et autres documents

739 - Directory of CMA Contacts

740 - Répertoire des personnes-ressources de l'AMC

797 - Therapeutic Index / Index thérapeutique

836 - Service Information / Renseignements aux lecteurs

837 - Classified Advertising / Annonces classées

848 - Advertisers' Index / Index des annonceurs

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