Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

October 1, 1996 / Le 1er octobre 1996

CMAJ 1996; 155 (7)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
855 - Continuing the tradition; Maintenir la tradition, J. Hoey

859 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

Special Article / Article spécial
867 - Neuroimmune mechanisms in health and disease: 1. Health, H. Anisman, M.G. Baines, I. Berczi, C.N. Bernstein, M.G. Blennerhassett, R.M. Gorczynski, A.H. Greenberg, F.T. Kisil, R.D. Mathison, E. Nagy, D.M. Nance, M.H. Perdue, D.K. Pomerantz, E.R. Sabbadini, A. Stanisz, R.J. Warrington [abstract / résumé]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
877 - Rating authors' contributions to collaborative research: the PICNIC survey of university departments of pediatrics, H.D. Davies, J.M. Langley, D.P. Speert, for PICNIC [abstract / résumé]

885 - Alberta Euthanasia Survey: 3-year follow-up, M.J. Verhoef, T.D. Kinsella [abstract / résumé]

Case Report / Étude de cas
893 - Acting on a living will: a physician's dilemma, M. Gordon, D. Levitt [full text / résumé]

Editorial / Éditorial
897 - Authors: Who contributes what?, B.P. Squires [full text / résumé]

From the CCDR / Du RMTC
901 - Travel medicine recommendation: dengue fever and international travel
905 - Recommandation relative aux voyages : dengue et voyages internationaux

909 - International Digest

910 - Sélection internationale

Special Supplements / Suppléments spéciaux
913 - Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Newsletter

917 - Bulletin canadien sur les effets indésirables des médicaments

921 - Prevention and management of osteoporosis: Consensus statements from the Scientific Advisory Board of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada

  1. Introduction, D.A. Hanley, R.G. Josse

  2. The use of bone density management in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, W. Sturtridge, B. Lentle, D.A. Hanley

  3. Effects of ovarian hormone therapy on skeletal and extraskeletal tissues in women, R.G. Josse

  4. Calcium nutrition and osteoporosis, T.M. Murray

  5. Physical activity as therapy for osteoporosis, J.C. Prior, S.I. Barr, R. Chow, R.A. Faulkner

  6. Use of bisphosphonates in the treatment of osteoporosis, A. Hodsman, J. Adachi, W. Olszynski

  7. Fluoride therapy for osteoporosis, T.M. Murray, L.-G. Ste-Marie

  8. Vitamin D metabolites and analogs in the treatment of osteoporosis, G. Jones, D.B. Hogan, E. Yendt, D.A. Hanley

  9. Calcitonin in the treatment of osteoporosis, K. Siminoski, R.G. Josse

967 - At a Glance / Aperçu

Cover Story / En manchette
969 - Breast-cancer survivors begin to challenge exercise taboos, H. Kent [full text / en bref]

Special Report / Document
972 - Fear of ostracism still silences some gay MDs, students, N. Robb [full text / en bref]

Vista / Panorama
978 - Why is physician morale so low?, D. Waugh

Trends / Tendances
979 - Medical school tuition fees reach record levels as MD incomes shrink, S. Thorne [in brief / en bref]

Association News / À l'écoute de l'association
983 - General Council insists on retaining role as CMA's key policy-making body, J. Rafuse [full text / en bref]

Special Report / Document
986 - Dr. Tom Chalmers, 1917--1995: the tribulations of a trialist, M. Maclure [in brief / en bref]

989 - Deaths / Avis de décès

865 - Conferences / Conférences

990 - Therapeutic Index / Index thérapeutique

1012 - Service Information / Renseignements aux lecteurs

1013 - Classified Advertising / Annonces classées

1024 - Advertisers' Index / Index des annonceurs

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