Canadian Medical Association Journal / Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

November 1, 1996 / Le 1er novembre 1996

CMAJ 1996; 155 (9)

Contents / Table des matières

Editor's Page / Page du rédacteur
1231 - A curate's egg; L'oeuf du vicaire, J. Hoey

1235 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

Original Research / Nouveautés en recherche
1243 - Interactions with the pharmaceutical industry: a survey of family medicine residents in Ontario, M.D. Sergeant, P.G. Hodgetts, M. Godwin, D.M.C. Walker,
P. McHenry
[abstract / résumé]

1251 - Efficacy and safety of finasteride therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia: results of a 2-year randomized controlled trial (the PROSPECT Study), J.C. Nickel, Y. Fradet, R.C. Boake, P.J. Pommerville, J.-P. Perreault, S.K. Afridi, M.M. Elhilali, and the PROSPECT Study Group [abstract / résumé]

Systematic Review / Examen critique systématique
1263 - Effectiveness of interventions to prevent delirium in hospitalized patients: a systematic review, M.G. Cole, F. Primeau, J. McCusker [abstract / résumé]

Editorial / Éditorial
1271 - Diabetes research: Are we getting anywhere?, B. Zinman [full text / résumé]

Editorial Policy / Politique rédactionnelle
1277 - CMAJ endorses the CONSORT statement, P. Huston, J. Hoey [full text]
1280 - JAMC appuie la déclaration CONSORT, P. Huston, J. Hoey [texte complet]

Special Articles / Articles spéciaux
1285 - Firearms injury prevention and gun control in Canada, A. Chapdelaine, P. Maurice [abstract / résumé]
1293 - Cyclosporiasis: a new cause of diarrhea, M.K. Brennan, D.W. MacPherson, J. Palmer, J.S. Keystone [abstract / résumé]

From the CCDR / Du RMTC
1297 - Preliminary report: invasive infection due to Streptococcus iniae
1297 - Rapport préliminaire : infection invasive due à Streptococcus iniae

1301 - At a Glance / Aperçu

Special Report / Document
1302 - Insecurity now way of life in hospitals as professionals ponder an uncertain future, N. Baer [in brief / en bref]

Cover Story / En manchette
1306 - Seventy-five years later, insulin remains Canada's major medical-research coup, J. Rafuse [full text / en bref]

Vista / Panorama
1309 - The media and medicine, D. Waugh

Health Care / Les soins
1310 - Increasing workplace stress means occupational medicine will be a growth area, J. Gushue [in brief / en bref]

Letter from London / Lettre de Londres
1314 - Debate about multiple pregnancies moves to new heights in Britain, C. Richmond [in brief / en bref]

Special Report / Document
1316 - More than border separates Canada and US, joint forum on women's health reveals, C. Gray [in brief / en bref]

Association News / À l'écoute de l'AMC
1318 - MDs, medical organizations urged to take stronger stand on human-rights abuses, P. Sullivan [full text / en bref]

Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle
1320 - Resolutions passed during the CMA's 1996 annual meeting

History / Promenade dans le passé
1325 - First cornea transplants meant blind WW I veterans saw first sights in 40 years, P. Wilton [in brief / en bref]

Musings / Matière à réflexion
1327 - Finding pleasure and history in the Index Medicus, M. Clarfield

Alternative Medicine / Médecine parallèle
1330 - CMA symposium on alternative medicine draws standing-room-only crowd, P. Sullivan [full text]

1332 - Deaths / Avis de décès

History / Promenade dans le passé
1333 - Dr. James MacCallum: patron and friend of Canada's Group of Seven, R. Burford Mason [in brief / en bref]

1240 - Conferences / Conférences

1335 - Therapeutic Index / Index thérapeutique

1362 - Service Information / Renseignements aux lecteurs

1363 - Classified Advertising / Annonces classées

1376 - Advertisers' Index / Index des annonceurs

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