Canadian Medical Association Journal /
Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

March 15, 1997 / Le 15 mars 1997

CMAJ 1997; 156 (6)

© 1997 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

Contents / Table des matières

749 - Editor's preface
751 - Mot du rédacteur en chef

755 - News and analysis / Nouvelles et analyses

761 - Letters / Correspondance [Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

Evidence / Études
775 - Ontario Maternal Serum Screening Program: practices, knowledge and opinions of health care providers, J.C. Carroll, A.J. Reid, C.A. Woodward, J.A. Permaul-Woods, S. Domb, G. Ryan, S. Arbitman, B. Fallis, J. Kilthei [full text / résumé]
789 - Characteristics of pregnant women who engage in binge alcohol consumption, J. Gladstone, M. Levy, I. Nulman, G. Koren [full text / résumé]
797 - Association between median episiotomy and severe perineal lacerations in primiparous women, M. Labrecque, L. Baillargeon, M. Dallaire, A. Tremblay, J.-J. Pinault, S. Gingras [full text / résumé]

Editorials / Éditorials
805 - Screening for fetal anomalies: old habits, new challenges, J.A. Evans [full text / résumé]
807 - Binge drinking during pregnancy: Who are the women at risk?, J.L. Nanson [full text / résumé]
811 - Episiotomy and severe perineal trauma: of science and fiction, M.E. Helewa [full text / résumé]

Education / Éducation
817 - Devolving authority for health care in Canada's provinces: 4. Emerging issues and prospects, J. Lomas [full text / résumé]
825 - Bioethics for clinicians: 9. Involving children in medical decisions, C. Harrison, N.P. Kenny, M. Sidarous, M. Rowell [full text / résumé]
831 - Post-traumatic stress disorder after childbirth: the phenomenon of traumatic birth, J.L. Reynolds [full text / résumé]
839 - Lesbians, artificial insemination and human-rights laws: Can doctors place limits on their medical practices?, K. Capen
841 - Reducing the incidence of tap-water scalds: strategies for physicians, D.W. Huyer, S.H. Corkum [full text / résumé]
847 - From Hippocrates to facsimile: protecting patient confidentiality is more difficult and more important than ever before, D.Y. Dodek, A. Dodek [abstract / résumé]

Experience / Expérience
855 - In harm's way, P. Vaughan

Public health / Santé publique
857 - Buckle up and put the children in the back [full text]
858 - On s'attache et on assoit les enfants sur le siège arrière [texte complet]

Features / Chroniques
860 - The road to Wisconsin, L. Sears Williams [in brief / en bref]
865 - After rejection in Canada, more Canadians pursuing career dreams at offshore medical schools, M. Korcok [full text / en bref]
873 - Africa's emerging AIDS-orphans crisis, R.C. Baggaley, D. Needham [full text / en bref]
876 - "Academic detailing" improving prescribing practices in North Vancouver, conference told, A. Silversides [full text / en bref]
879 - Waiting list already 7 months long at Toronto's new Environmental Health Clinic, C. Gray [full text / en bref]
882 - Interest in physician-buyout packages grows as more doctors contemplate retirement, N. Robb [full text / en bref]
889 - Weep for Adonais, N. Baer [in brief / en bref]
891 - The National Forum reports: Crisis? What crisis?, C. Gray [full text / en bref]

Special supplement / Supplément spécial
S1 - A practical guide for the diagnosis and treatment of acute sinusitis, D.E. Low, M. Desrosiers, J. McSherry, G. Garber, J.W. Williams Jr., H. Remy, R.S. Fenton, V. Forte, M. Balter, C. Rotstein, C. Craft, J. Dubois, G. Harding, M. Schloss, M. Miller, R.A. McIvor, R.J. Davidson
Accompanying this issue, separately bound

959 - Deaths / Nécrologie

Pulse / Médicogramme
960 - MD fees much higher in US / La rémunération des médecins est beaucoup plus élevée aux États-Unis

Resources / Ressources

770 - Call for papers: global theme issue on aging
893 - Acknowledgement of scientific reviewers / Remerciements aux examinateurs scientifiques
895 - Books and other media / Livres et autres documents

901 - /
902 - Conferences / Conférences
905 - Directory of CMA contacts
906 - Répertoire des personnes-ressources de l'AMC
907 - Continuing medical education / Éducation médicale continue
911 - Advertisers' index / Index des annonceurs
911 - Prescribing index / Index de l'information sur les ordonnances
945 - Classified advertising / Annonces classées
946 - Service information / Renseignements aux lecteurs
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