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Journal de l'Association médicale canadienne

December 1, 1997 / Le 1er décembre 1997

CMAJ 1997;157(11)

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Hope in the
fight against
domestic abuse

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Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

1501 News and analysis · Nouvelles et analyses

1509 Letters · Correspondance
[Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

  Evidence · Études
1519 Induction of labour versus expectant management for prelabour rupture of the membranes at term: an economic evaluation, A. Gafni, R. Goeree, T.L. Myhr, M.E. Hannah, G. Blackhouse, A.R. Willan, J.A. Weston, E.E.L. Wang, E.D. Hodnett, S.A. Hewson, D. Farine, A. Ohlsson, for the TERMPROM Study Group [full text / résumé]
1529 Alcohol disorders in Canada as indicated by the CAGE questionnaire, C. Poulin, I. Webster, E. Single [full text / résumé]

  Editorials · Éditoriaux
1539 Responding to our abused patients, B. Lent [full text / résumé]
1541 Premature rupture of membranes at term: a medical and economic rationale for active management, P. Duff [full text / résumé]
1543 Alcohol disorders in Canada: the need for intervention, R.E. Mann [full text / résumé]
1547 Diversity and women's health: a call for papers, J. Hoey, P. Ballem, C. Younger-Lewis [full text / texte complet]
1548 An amnesty for unpublished trials, I. Roberts, J. Hoey [full text]
1549 Avoiding the mismeasurement of medicine and improving care, R.M. Bernstein [full text / résumé]

  Education · Éducation
1555 More than meets the eye: recognizing and responding to spousal abuse, F. Martin, C. Younger-Lewis [full text / résumé]
1561 Medical classification systems in Canada: moving toward the year 2000, A.N. Lalonde, E. Taylor [full text / résumé]
1567 A curriculum for the times: an experiment in teaching health policy to residents in family medicine, S.E.D. Shortt, P.G. Hodgetts [full text / résumé]

  Experience · Expérience
1571 A lesson from my father, F. Tudiver

  Public health · Santé publique
1573 Amantadine use in influenza outbreaks in long-term care facilities [full text]
1575 Utilisation de l'amantadine au cours des poussées de grippe dans des établissements de soins de longue durée [texte complet]

  Features · Chroniques
1579 MDs have key role in bringing ugly secret of wife abuse out of closet, N. Baer [full text / en bref]
1586 Mother's rights can't be infringed to protect fetus, Supreme Court's landmark ruling states, K. Capen [full text / en bref]
1589 Move into hospital sector another sign of complementary medicine's growing popularity, A. Elash [full text / en bref]
1593 Work by Alberta researchers may free MDs from awkward fitness-to-drive decisions, R. Cairney [full text / en bref]

1643 Deaths · Nécrologie

  Pulse · Médicogramme
1644 How do we stack up within the OECD? / Où nous situons-nous au sein de l'OCDE?

1597 Books and other media · Livres et autres documents
  • Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: An A-Z Guide to Safe and Health Eating
  • The Temporal Lobe and Limbic System
  • Partnering and Health Development: The Kathmandu Connection
  • Evidence-Based Healthcare: How to Make Health Policy and Management Decisions

1600 ·
    The virtual doctor has arrived

Resources · Ressources

1601 Conferences · Conférences
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1629 Service information · Renseignements aux lecteurs
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